Pretty Girl (Remix)
(Damn Crisis, you goin' dumb)

I got an Asian lil' b*t*h
I stay with the Glocky, even when I'm taking a p*ss
I'm cookin', I'm flippin' the wrist
This Latina b*t*h tryna go with fornicate yvngxchris
I'm snappin' on opps like some flicks
Don't kiss on that thottie, that ho' suckin' too many d**ks
She ate on my d**k like some crisps
In a drop top Coupe with a b*t*h on my side, like a blick
That ho' is my pretty girl, I call her Clairo
Man f**k all that bullsh*t, I need my dinero
I finesse a pu**y a** boy for his arrow
I hit me a stain then pull of in Camaro
That pu**y a** n***a thought he was gon' fool me
He brought up a b*t*h that got nothin' to do with me
I step in a party, the b*t*hes like "Who is he?"
B*t*h, I'm finna log out, like it was a Google Meet
Play with my d**k like a 3DS
Sippin' on tech and I copped it from CVS
I'm finna dominate, like we in BDSM
If you f**kin' with Chris, you can beat it with them
B*t*h, I got thе Glocky and I got the MAC-10
That boy not a shooter, that f**k n***a actin'
Dumb a** b*t*h, I'ma f**k from the backеnd
Bum a** n***a, I just got the racks in