Kyrie Irving! 2


(Damn, Crisis, you go dumb)

Pull up on gang when you know I'm gon' get it in
7.62, make 'em spin like a ceiling fan
Sixteen shooters hoppin' out that Civic van
Got a bust down Richard Millie and it's shiverin'
This .556 hittin' you and yo' n***as man
Yvngxchris comin' up, but these n***as not listenin'
Yo' BB is fake, that sh*t not really glistenin'
Yo' BB is fake, man, that sh*t really rhinestone
b*t*h, I'm in the crib and Chris finna f**k on this fine ho'
And she said she lovin' my rhymes, ho'
She said that I'm ugly, I said, "Dumb b*t*h, is you blind, ho'?"
Lil' shorty go wherever I go
I got three b*t*hes on me, but I think I need five more
I f**k on lil' shorty in private, ho'
Can't f**k with that b*t*h 'cause I heard that her booty on Silento
b*t*h, I'm an animal, n***a, like ocelot
Smokin' exotic, that's just why I cough a lot
Y'all n***as talkin' 'bout b*t*hes that I forgot
n***a talk dummy, I'm lettin' that choppa pop
b*t*hes align on my d**k, like a chakra
n***as know that I got swag, b*t*h (Gra-ta-ta)
b*t*h, I'm your daddy, I f**k on your momma, bruh
I pull up on shorty, yvngxchris finna cop the box
Pull up on shorty, that b*t*h really orthodox
She not tryna f**k, I might have to force the top
Call up my shooter, he pull up with forty Glocks
I'm not finna cheat, man, that's really what shorty thought
Pull it from half court, yeah, that's what Curry do
My n***a, don't run up, you see what this .30 do

I f**k on a thotty, I think she was 32
Pull up with my mask on, I'm lookin' surgical
Shakin' that ass on my d**k, goin' vertical
I hop in the jet and I sit in the terminal
I just ran a train on a b*t*h with like fifty guys
f**ked on a granny, that ho' was like 65
I was down bad on my d**k, I'ma get it right
I just put the Glock to his dome, now I'm really nice
Can't f**k on a b*t*h if that sh*t isn't feelin' right
Her booty on Nicki, yeah, that sh*t was sittin' right

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