Stupid! (Remix)
Walk down on your block with this Glock and this .40
Yeah, b*t*h, I'm on my grind as we pullin' up four deep
I was sippin' on act, now I'm sippin' on 40s
I was f**kin' this b*t*h, she said put it in slowly
I'm not talkin' Left 4 Dead, but give me that brain
And lil' shorty gave me head, she usin' the fangs
And that n***a f**kin' sped, that boy not in gang
And that pu**y heaven sent, I might go insane
If he talkin', my n***as gon' put his b*t*h a** in the coffin
Walk down on yo' block and my gang gonna off 'em
I got a new Glock and that b*t*h lookin' awesome
Not talkin' Kyrie, but I might have to sauce 'em
Not talkin' Rick Ross, but I might have to boss 'em
That n***a yvngxchris goin' dumb, gotta stop 'em
That boy talkin' crazy on gang, so I shot 'em
Not talkin' 'bout pictures, but gang finna crop 'em
And I just got a motherf**kin' Glock and Impala
I've been rockin', n***a, so that's not a problem
Not talkin' 'bout Lonzo, but I'm a big baller
I'ma beat a f**k n***a, I'm not talkin' [?]
And I'm standin' six high, but my p*n*s is taller
And I just got a dagger, let's gеt it
She ate on the glizzy, shе sucked it and licked it
Why she textin' my phone in the mornin'? She trippin'
If that boy talkin' dumb on the motherf**kin' gang, then he might get a knock at his door in a minute
I'ma flip me a n***a, I'm not talkin' skillet
Then I spin on his block like a goddamn fidget
Why the f**k this b*t*h a** n***a keep sayin' that he f**kin' robbed me when he know he didn't?
Bro, none of the b*t*hes is tryna f**k you, man, they really just lookin' for that n***a Christian and that's on gang