I Swear 2 Gang!


Rosko on the track

[Verse 1]
Smokin' on gas, it smell like I pooted
I'm off the xanny, I'm booted
You think that I'm cuffin'? You gotta be stupid
I'm getting money, yeah, they call me the cool kid
I'm off of the lean, n***a, got me too licked
Yvngxchris on top, n***as know I do this
b*t*h, I got a bust down Richard Mille
I'm saving that money, n***a, Lil d**ky
I'm Timmy Turner, finna f**k on a Vicky
Like Shark Tales, yeah, that pu**y was fishy
I'm taking your chain
That n***a be cappin,' he not with the gang
I'ma get to the money, I go to the bank
That f**kboy lazy, but he not a [?]
Said that boy yvngxchris got that fame
Now all the b*t*hes know my name

[Beat Switch]

[Verse 2]
Ayy, who that?
Glocky on my body, make that pu**y n***a [?] drop
Pull up in a foreign, b*t*h n***a, I'ma drop that top
Pull up with the glocky on me, all you heard was "Grrah, grrah, grrah"
b*t*hes in the tеlly, all you n***as heard was "Gah, gah, gah"
Shorty in the telly tryna f**k, lil' baby lookin' moist
I just a Glock, I'm finna tеst it on you pu**y boys
n***a live in Michigan but I got shooters in Detroit
Shorty keep on texting on my phone, I get so damn annoyed
And a droid in her f**kin' pocket, I'ma [?] boy
Her favorite genre R&B, she say that she's a fan of Lloyd
Pull up fifty deep up to your spot, that's some' you can't avoid
And she said she can't f**k with me, she f**kin' with this dancer boy

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