Spin 2
Je t'aime Milanezie
Yeah, yeah, ayy
Yeah, yeah, gang

I got the plug trappin' out the backstreet
Two twin Glocks, Mary Kate and Ashley
I up that stick if a n***a pa** me
Just like my voice, n***a lookin' raspy
I'm shooting my shot, never missin'
Damn, these n***as be blowin' up my f**kin' phone, why the f**k is y'all actin' like b*t*hes?
Damn, I pull out the Glock, and that muhf**kin' beam and this Glock 19 look vicious
Really finessin' the plug, I be stealin'
That choppa on me, yeah, I look like a villain
Lil' shorty suckin' on my d**k, she be kneelin'
And you gettin' money, but b*t*h don't flex that
I got a b*t*h on my d**k and she sex that
He wantеd beef but he won't get a text back
Hе said he gettin' money, where is your checks at?
Man, you got a hunnid, but where is the rest at?
COVID-19 with the stick, I infest that
Finessin' yvngxchris, man, I do not suggest that
I'm teachin' these n***as, like where is your desk at?
F**k n***a snitchin', Ratatouille
I slide to the crib and I beat down her doonie
I sit down, then she turn on a movie
I'm just tryna f**k, what the f**k is you doin'?
She said, "I thought you just came over to cool it"
Man, hell nah, shorty, you lookin' stupid
And I had a condom in my pocket to use it
B*t*h, I'm finna dip if we not finna do sh*t
Damn b*t*h, what the f**k?
I'm hella mad, walkin' back to the crib
Got blue balls, would've thought I was Crip
I was p*ssed off, but I'm not finna trip
I'm the big dog, got the stick on my hip
She callin' my phone, "Why the f**k did you leave?"
You was not tryna f**k, b*t*h, what do you mean?
And you stay by the opps, had to ride with a beam
Put my life in danger just to give you the peen
She said, "Damn yvngxchris, go take a hike"
I said, "B*t*h, you ain't gotta tell me twice"
Then I went to the crib and got high as a kite
I hit up another b*t*h, got me feelin' right
She started suckin' it, and that was so nice
And after I bust, that b*t*h took a flight
That ho keep on blowin' up my f**kin' phone, but I'm not textin' back 'cause I'm not tryna fight
Je t'aime Milanezie