Rockstvr Lifestyle!


[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
I'm sipping on lean, double cup
Do a dance on the d**k, she gon' f**k it up
And that boy got a problem, the f**k is up?
And that pu**y boy cappin,' he f**k with us
If he f**kin' with me, he get shuffled up
Why she talking? I don't give a motherf**k
Shut the f**k up, lil' baby, just suck it up
And I been getting money to sum it up
b*t*h wanna cuff it up
Stay with the beam, and I ride with the glocky
I just got a K but you not finna see the rest
b*t*h ass n***a keep wearing that fake ass jewelry
n***a that's not really VVS
She got a glocky, she call say she leaving it
I got a scatpack, booting, I'm speeding it
Shawty keep talking, I'm just tryna f**k and I'm leaving it
That b*t*h tryna f**k, what you winking at?
Rockstar lifestyle, might not make it
And I'm dealing, I'm serving the pack with the faces
I'm sipping on Wocky, got my stummy aching
I'ma give her the c*cky the way she be shaking that ass
And she dance on the pole, she be making the cash
n***as acting like b*t*hes and that's all facts
Got a brand new whip and it's matte, all black
Got a brand new b*t*h and her ass all that

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