(Hey Fin, how long have I been out?)
Hello, I like your music
It's got a nice beat, very nice
His name is yvngxchris

[Verse 1: yvngxchris & Lazy3x]
This b*t*h in the telly, she's suckin' and passin'
That b*t*h is an opp, what the f**k is you askin' us?
Give me the brain, like a zombie on Last of Us
I run to the money, my n***a, I'm fast as f**k
Cash in the bank and my n***as gon' add it up
Gay ass n***a, he stay on that faggot stuff
Said he got money, that boy got me crackin' up
Stay with the Glock, better back it up
b*t*h keep talkin', I'm just tryna f**k, b*t*h, wrap it up
Gang in this b*t*h and we f**kin' yo granny
I'm makin' these hits, b*t*h, I need a Grammy
She's suckin' my d**k, n***a, off the xannies
I'm smokin' that pack, I ain't talkin' fanny
I nutted in her, man, I think I need plan B
b*t*h, I'm finna leave, this ho' can't stand me
I'm makin' this superhero, likе it's Stanley (Yeah, yeah)
Balеnciaga, b*t*h, I make it fancy (Yeah, yeah)

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