​hate me now
[Intro: yvngxchris]
Want to, f**k her when I want to
Hit 'em with a one-two
F**k her when I want to
Ayy, f**k her when I want to
Hit 'em with a one-two
F**k her when I want, ay, yeah

[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
N***a stop cappin', you ain't really 'bout that sh*t
You ain't really shootin', why you rap about a stick?
And you always on my case, n***a get off my d**k
Pu**y boy, yo' sh*t be f**ked up, you prolly gon' get killed
Yeah, I be gettin' checks but you don't get no bread
You a b*t*h n***a, yeah, I meant what I said
You a pu**y a** n***a, you a simp, call you Ned
Like a mechanical pencil, I'ma fill you up with lead
Glidin' on this b*t*h like my name Tony Hawk
N***a gettin' scared when I walk down his block
1:14 when the n***a check thе clock
Diamonds yeah, they glisten f**k n***a, chеck the watch

[Verse 2: thrxsh]
I'ma pull up with a Glock, I'ma pull up on that ​drop
These n***as don't really want static
I see it, I want it, I grab it
I'm smokin' that dank, that sh*t is a habit
F**k what you think, b*t*h I'm never lackin'
I told my b*t*h she the baddest
All of your b*t*hes be average
Never lack, I'm totin' that ratchet
She throwin' that a** like a frisbee
I got the lean in my kidneys
She don't wanna f**k, she just wanna kiss me
Call up my phone and say that she miss me
Sh*t, I bet you do
And I bet you waitin' for me to say, "I miss you too"
Nah, b*t*h I'm done with you
Lil' b*t*h off W
I just took a W
B*t*h, I'm high as f**k right now, b*t*h, come over to the crib
We can sit and talk it out, let's get high and take a trip
I can't feel my face right now, I been on that paper route
I f**k that b*t*h, don't take her out, all these n***as hate me now
And what's up, it's been a while, all these n***as steal my style
I got racks all in the couch, she got d**k all in her mouth
I beat that b*t*h like Bobby Brown