​gotta blast!
Man, Christian, f**k your song, n***a

[Verse 1: yvngxchris and Jimmy Neutron]
Big gun, boy, this sh*t hold a hunnid
Hell yeah, boy, you know how I'm comin'
N***as cold so I'm bringin' the sun in
Pull out the - , that n***a runnin'
Pull out the choppa and that n***a floated
Married to my choppa and I'm devoted
My choppa private, I can't even show it
I hit that lil' n***a, he didn't even know it
Me and my n***as pull up in the nighttime
Dressed in all black, look like we finna fight crime
You gotta go, I hope you had a nice time
Just like a pirate, I see through the right eye
Just like a virgin, you know I nut hella fast
I popped this pilly before so I better last
This pilly workin' so I'm gettin' harder fast
I got to go lil' baby so gotta blast

[Verse 2: thrxsh]
Brand new Ferrari, that bi'h movin' hеlla fast
I'm in the trap where wе smokin' on hella pack
That b*t*h, she a thottie, I know she gon' throw it back
I'm in the field like a mo'f**kin' quarterback
I get the pack and I score like a touchdown
She wanna f**k as soon as I touch down
I was down bad, lil' b*t*h, I am up now
I got the Glock, lil' n***a, run up now
Damn, XD got some punch
I just want the face but that b*t*h on a hunch
That b*t*h she is nasty, eat d**k up for lunch
I'm gettin' guap out the mo'f**kin' bunch