[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
Pillow talkin' a** n***a, yeah, I know that boy be simpin'
Pull out the Glock, bet that n***a listen
All of the ho's wanna f**k Christian
Christian Dior, n***a, I be drippin'
You f**kin' with w****s, n***a, that's a risk, yeah
You f**k with opps when they steadin' blastin'
She gave me the top, we don't do no kissin'
I got the drip for the season
She gon' throw me the w.a.p. then I'm leavin'
I see the Prada, I cop for no reason
Lil' thotty b*t*h wanna swallow my semen
Big drip, put that sh*t on my clothes
Real n***a, I can't switch on the bros
I got a Glock for all of my foes
That n***a crazy with sh*t in his nose
Got two shooters and those n***as Indian
I'm in the trap, n***a, bring the glizzy in
I'll never stop until I get a million
Stain n***a, boy, you bringin' that [?]
B*t*h n***a lookin' wack
And back in the day I was sеrvin' packs
She lick on my balls, she lick on my sack
I got a stick on me, b*t*h, I'ma blast
I got a b*t*h on mе, look in the back
She wanna come over, she send me a text
That lil' n***a talking, pull up with the TEC
Heard she wanna kiss, already gave me the neck
If you're not giving neck, then you gotta go
(Well bye, n***a) B*t*h, adiós
N***a talking, I pull out the shotty-o
Now that n***a p*ssed, he need a potty, bro
[Verse 2: Sickskum]
If you talk down on Skum, you trippin'
B*t*h, I'm chillin', it's me and lil' Christian
B*t*h comin' in, but she's hot like the summer
Moncler, it's hot like a sauna
She f**kin' with Skum and the SSG
It's Prada kicks every day of the week
She don't wanna talk [?]
It's chrome hearts, spend my money real gently
[?] I'm from the DMV, f**k a n***a talkin' 'bout?
Look at they a** like a Perc 30
Oh he runnin' up? We waking up early
That choppa gon' get 'em like he a lil' birdie
Don't need a wallet, b*t*h, I got a backpack
Oh, that was his girl, I didn't mean to tap that
Oh, he gettin' pressure, b*t*h, you better back, back
762, n***a, we got that
[?] b*t*h fine, kinda short
Got some [?], we can work
What my n***a Christian say? Ayy, yeah
.30 on me, I ain't talkin' no Perc
Oh he pullin' up? Well n***a, let's work
I got my ex and [?] gon' make it twerk
I needed these Rick Owens and they hurt, ha