(Come f**k me, Supreme)

[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
I get to the money, I get to the green
She suckin' and f**kin', that b*t*h for the team
Got a Glock in my hand and that b*t*h got a beam
I'ma slide on his block with a Glock 17
I'ma slide on his block with a Glock 22
And I'm posted with gang, b*t*h, you know how it do
And if I got to do it, you know I'ma shoot
Got a thottie, lil' b*t*h wanna ride in the coupe
B*t*h, I'm ballin' out just like the league
Got a thottie, she suckin' on me
Smokin' gas and I'm off of the tree
On his block with that Glock 17
And I shut that lil' b*t*h like a door, yeah
No, I cannot f**k with no w****, yeah
And I'm ball on that b*t*h, like the court, yeah
She callin' my phone, I ignore it, yeah
I shot that b*t*h, don't miss, okay
That b*t*h wan' f**k yvngxchris, okay
That b*t*h won't get a kiss, no way
I might bust down my wrist today
Bro, why this b*t*h keep textin' me?
No lackin', keep that vеst on me
I'll take that chain, don't flex on mе
I never take no rest, homie
Yeah, that lil' n***a know how I'm rockin'
Shorty f**k with the gang, she be hoppin'
I'ma go to the top, never stoppin'
Never lackin', that Glock in my pocket
I be flippin' that pack and I'm makin' it
I'ma hop in the coupe and I'm racin' it
Throw it back on my d**k and she shakin' it
I'ma get to the bag like I'm [?], on gang
[Verse 2: Lade!]
I'ma speed in the foreign, ain't 'posed to be where?
N***as, they cry when I step in the buildin'
This b*t*h wanna f**k, now she wantin' my children
I'ma rob a young n***a, not doin' no killin'
I'm takin' his skin, I ain't talkin' 'bout peelin'
He gon' talk out his neck, let me know how you feel
They said I'm bad, they know he a villain
Can't beef with a n***a, just know that I'm chillin'
Yeah, they callin' my phone but I won't pick it up
Matter of fact, let me pick this sh*t up
He ain't talkin' 'bout cash then he got to shut up
Bro, I'm sippin' on lean, you can look in my cup
I'm f**kin' this b*t*h and I'm tearin' it up
Now I'm smokin' this gas with my vision blurred up
They said that they f**k with me, n***a shut up
And you think that's your b*t*h but she backin' it up

[Outro: Lade!]
On gang