On God!
Super Sonic style!

[Verse 1: yvngxchris and Yung Fazo]
Bruh, these n***as act like b*t*hes, but that sh*t ain't nothin' new
No COVID-19, but yvngxchris got the flu
When that boy seen the Glock, he ain't know what to do
And this hoe not my b*t*h, why she callin' me boo?
I'ma call up the gang, I'ma call up the troops
I'ma beat from the back and I'm smackin' her glutes
She gon' eat on the d**k like she playin' the flute
Yeah, b*t*h oh my gosh
I got the Glock and that b*t*h go in stocks
Slimin' that n***a, put that boy on Fox
I stay with the Glocky, n***a I don't box
You n***as be b*t*hes, always ridin' c*cks
Not Minecraft, but yvngxchris-o on your block
That b*t*h a** n***a went broke like Joc
Ol' b*t*h a** boy, you a hoe, on God (On God)

[Verse 2: Yung Fazo]
Call up the gang, you knowin' what we do
I call up Chris, we hangin' at the stu'
You talkin' now, you end up on thе news
And she a hoe, shе f**kin' on the crew
We got the clips, we empty out the room (Yeah, yeah)
My guy hit his Crip, man, I got the blues (Uh-huh)
Off of the gas, b*t*h, I'm on the moon
You talkin' down, man, you meet your doom
[Outro: Yung Fazo]
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I'ma get rich, on God (Yeah, yeah)
F**kin' on a b*t*h, on God
Bet I pull up with a stick, on God
(Yeah, yeah, fah, fah, fah, fah, blick)