(Hey Fin, how long have I been out?)

[Verse 1: yvngxchris and Tae Retro]
B*t*h, I'm never lackin', that Glock on the couch
Yvngxchris finna blow up, b*t*h, no doubt
I'm not cuffin' this b*t*h, I'ma hit, then I'm out
Ayy, Chris never kissed nobody
"But what about that one b*t*h?" N***a, that b*t*h don't count
That b*t*h ain't had no lips
She ain't kissed my lips, she kissed this tip
Got 10K last week, b*t*h, I flipped
That Christian Dior on my drip
That b*t*h is the w**** in the VIP
That n***a be poor than a b*t*h
Ayy, who on the beat? That's my n***a FINLINCE!
I just got the drip, do not step on the Christian's
And all of the b*t*hes tryna f**k on Christian
These b*t*hes is tight, but the mo'f**kers fit in
B*t*h, I've been a real n***a since the beginning
Goddamn, my n***a bro, yvngxchris spittin'
This off of the dome and n***a, it ain't written
I'm strong as a b*t*h, n***a, I be liftin'
This bum a** n***a textin' on my phone, said "yvngxchris, can I gеt a f**kin' feature?
And also, yvngxchris, can you teach mе how to rap?" What the f**k I look like, a teacher?
I ride with the Griffin, I'm not talkin' Peter
Yvngxchris on the top, n***a, follow the leader
And I don't give a damn, I'm not talkin' beaver
You cuffin' that hoe? Man, that b*t*h is a thot
"What the f**k, you should've said skeezer," oh sh*t, my bad
And yvngxchris on top, I got these n***as mad
You smokin' on Reggie, I'm smokin' on thrax
I just got a bust down, that sh*t was gla**
"I just dropped a new mixtape," that sh*t was a**
"yvngxchris, can I f**k?" I'ma have to pa**
Got a brand new SRT
Nah, f**k that, I got a Hellcat and I'm finna crash (Ahem, wait, hold on, Tae Retro)
[Verse 2: Tae Retro]
My flow is God-tier, but it's lowkey
Just play me to wherever the hoes be
N***as only on computers, Adobe
Whippin' n***as, but my name is not Toby
He think he hard, crack his shell like a Yoshi
Wait, hold on, Retro, boy, you goin' crazy
TBH, I don't care if you rate me
This song a bop, man, I feel like DaBaby
Hey, nah, for real Chris, we just made a hit bro
Throwin' punches on the beat like I'm clinched though
They trillin' me, but I'm not in the mince bro
I been snappin', but you ain't even hip though
Your rap career needs a GoFundMe
You probably laughin', but I swear it's not funny
The flow crashin' on the beat, you a dummy
She high off Tae, man, I swear she a junkie

[Verse 3: Lazy3x]
Yeah (Ten)
Walk with a Glock, b*t*h, I'm finna shoot
B*t*h, I'm in the pop, boy, I'ma just shoot
The stick on my diamonds, the price, and they dancin' like Haiti
I'm f**kin' that b*t*h and that b*t*h wanna date me
I'm doggin' that b*t*h like b*t*h got rabies
Woo, pull up and boom
Pull up, I'm clappin' like magic, go poof
I'm like, "Chris, get the guap"
'Cause this b*t*h want the top
I know that that b*t*h is a thot
Like f**k what you thought
I left in the tel', we not talkin' 'bout guap
F&N and Rugers gon' take off your top
In your dreams just like Krueger, I'm f**kin' the thot
And that b*t*h she a goober, I'm gettin' the Glock
And her n***a a loser, she all on my chop
And I feel like a star 'cause she know I'ma rock
I got stars on my car, but sh*t, know I go hard
He get popped like a bar if that boy finna talk
I'ma slide with a SCAR, leave an eye on his chock (Hey, Lazy)
Uh, I'm finna switch it up
Famous like Dex 'cause he chase, I'ma pick 'em up
She givin' me neck 'cause I'm up and I'm rich as f**k
I got private my jets, sippin' Tech, so I'm high as f**k
And if that n***a test, get a TEC, I'ma light him up
I'm not shooting contest, if I'm open, it's wet as f**k
Goin' out sad
I gotta pa** for them, these n***as mad as f**k
And I'm breakin' her back, so then that n***a mad at us
He get smoked like an atom, so now he don't matter, bruh
B*t*h, I'm in the trap, doin' numbers like calculus
I'm f**kin' thots, spin his Glock like a bat or some'
Put a beam on the Glock, it's gon' help with the battle scene
In Miami with heat, got his beam look from Anakin
He don't want smoke, n***a, we matchin' up
Pull up in the Ghost, got this pole like a javelin
B*t*h, I got the stick in the field like a Terrafin
And I'm shootin' like Beal, man these n***as embarra**in' (Fire, glocky)