He f**k with the gang, then I'm takin' his life
I slide on his block, now that boy wanna fight
I slid on that n***a and took that boy wife
But I gave it right back, I was tryna be nice
See my n***a, I'm tryna be kind
But the back of my hand, I was grippin' that nine
B*t*h, I'm on the block posted up with my slimes
Said she wanna f**k, told that b*t*h, "Get in line"
All of my n***as, they go for the kill
They sellin' that pack, boy they trappin' for real
I slide on his block, I don't know how to feel
Just scammed a white n***a, look like Dr. Phil
I hop in the lane, bro I'm slidin', I'm cruisin' it
I slide on his block, I pop out and I'm movin' it
Hang with the killers, I hang with the hooligans
15 years old, I'm the youngest that's doin' it
B*t*h, back in the day, I was grippin' that nine
B*t*h, I'm posted up with my gang and my slimes
That boy talkin' crazy, that lil' n***a dyin'
I can't trust a hoe, 'causе these b*t*hes bе lyin'
B*t*h, I'm in the city
I got a white plug and that n***a name Billy
She ate on my d**k like that b*t*h was a glizzy
I slide on his block, I pop out with that glizzy
Was gone for two months, but they still f**kin' with me
Young n***as brazy, they ready to blast
I hit from the back while I'm smackin' that a**
I'm high as a b*t*h, I be geekin' in cla**
I'm drivin', she suckin' my d**k, I'ma crash
And she eat the d**k while I'm takin' a bath
Y'all n***as be b*t*hes, y'all makin' me laugh
That Glock seventeen put his a** in the gra**
Not lovin' no b*t*h so I f**k and I pa**