​glock w ah dick !
Ay, let me hear that ho, Jeff

Ok, I got the Glock if you talkin' to me
Got the Glock or the K, it’s an option to me
She gon' look in my eyes when she toppin' the D
You a 6ix9ine n***a, you oppin’ on me
You a 6ix9ine n***a, be snitchin'
That beam on the Glock n***a, I'm never missin'
I give her the c*ck and my n***a, I'm dippin'
All the bad hoes wanna f**k young Christian
All the bad hoes wanna f**k on young Christian
I got a lil' choppa, [?] got a glizzy
I got that boy shakin', got him lookin’ silly
He dissin’ the gang? My n***a, you can't be serious
Suppressor the Glock so you not really hearin’ it
I'm off of the lean so I'm feelin' delirious
I walk in yo’ crib with a Glock and a mask so n***a, I'm lookin' hella mystеrious
My n***a, there isn't an option
If I got a mask, then n***a I'm robbin'
I'm off of thе gas, *cough* coughin'
F**k with the gang, put him in a coffin
I make a n***a eviscerate
I got the Glock and I'm not gonna miss today
I took a b*t*h on a date, took her to a place, now take her back home, now she wanna f**k on me instantly
Gang, post on the block with that goddamn gas
I'm smackin' the booty, her a** lookin' fat
I flex on that n***a, I got him so mad
I'm fifteen years old makin' more than your dad
I ride with the Glock n***a, I'm 'bout to blast
"Yeah, I heard your mixtape," that sh*t was a**
F**k on a b*t*h and I hit from the back
*Knock, knock, knock* My n***a, who that?
Bust down on my wrist, I be flexin'
Glock with a d**k and it's gettin' erected
I take him to school, I gave him a lesson
He thought it was cool, hit him with the Wesson
He play with the gang, that boy gon' die
My Glock 19 make a n***a cry
Y'all n***as be cappin', y'all n***as be lie
And my n***a T gon' throw me the fire