B*t*hes on my meat, yeah
B*t*h, I'm never lackin', keep that Glock right all on me, yeah
That b*t*h gon' f**k the game, just like a car, she for the streets, yeah
That n***a is a b*t*h, like why he cappin' on the beat? Yeah
Lil' shorty wanna f**k and now she said she wanna link
It's not gonna happen
And I get too hard so the b*t*h gon' lap it
Yo, why in the f**k do you n***as be cappin'?
And I got the stick so my gang gonna clap him
And he tried to press me, I started laughin'
I make that n***a disappear like magic
You n***as gon' hop on the d**k like a rabbit
And I spit that fire, n***a like a dragon
Y'all n***as is dummies
B*t*h a** boy gon' cry to his mummy
I wrap it up, n***a like a mummy
I don't give a f**k, n***a you is funny
Wipe a n***a nosе, said that is runny
Lied to the b*t*h, said that she lovе me
If you want the gas, then send me the drop
Yo' b*t*h in the telly and she throwin' bop
Bro, y'all n***as me cappin', you f**k with the opps