​gang gang lol
B*t*h n***a talk crazy, I'ma hit him with the K
I'ma catch a n***a lackin', I'ma find where he stay
And I'm coolin' with a baddie, she was talkin', "Porque?"
B*t*h, I'm facin' this blunt, I'm not pa**in' this J
When I said I won't leave, I was cappin', lil' bae
And I'm not textin' back 'cause I'm trappin', okay?
Got a Caucasian b*t*h, she be nappin' all day
And I'm coolin' with gang, bro, what's crackin' today?
Yeah, yeah, pipe on your ho and I do it so easily
I find me a beat so the Glock on [?]
That b*t*h said, "yvngxchris, please do not cheat on me"
That ho with the gang gang, she do not need the beef
B*t*h, I do the same thing, shorty, don't be with me
I f**ked on a Filipino ho named Chi Chi
Got model b*t*hes wanna suck on my pee-pee
Two bad—bro, who the f**k keep switchin' the beat up, bro?
F**k all this sh*t, n***a
Yvngxchris was down bad on his d**k but he lit, n***a
Word to my gang, I can't hang with no b*t*h n***a
Man, I was down bad on my d**k, hittin' licks, n***a
Finessеd my white plug and he called mе a prick, n***a
I distance myself from you pu**y a** n***as like COVID-19 but yvngxchris is not sick, n***a