​new gucci bucket hat
[Intro: Billie Holiday]
I'll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and through

I got the Glock in the duffel bag
I'ma get to the money, I can't get enough of that
I'm feelin' like Future, my new Gucci bucket hat
That pu**y boy lackin', where the f**k your [?] at?
Don't say what I say, my n***a, your not tough for that
I slide on the opps one time, then I double back
Glock 19 on my hip and I'm uppin' that
I heard your music n***a, what in the f**k is that?
That sh*t was horrible
I carry the stick like a charger that's portable
You got any b*t*hes? That sh*t was rhetorical
I'm ballin' like Kobe, I'm playin' in Oracle
I'ma get to the money, my n***as gon' get a check
Said he want smoke, I'ma give him a cigarette
"Chris got money, where the f**k he get it at?
I know he be rappin', n***a, but it isn't that"
N***a that's none of your business
Yeah, I'm catchin' em' lackin', spinnin'
Your b*t*h in the telly, she gaggin' and spittin'
“yvngxchris is a b*t*h,” you gotta be kiddin'
“He spazzin' my n***a, that gotta be written”
And I'm not gonna stop, so I'm stackin' the millions
And that n***a a pu**y, that's just how I'm feelin'
I just came out the trap and I'm smellin' like gas, man, they thought I was dealin' (Damn, damn)
I just want the money, I don't got no time for these b*t*hes
These n***as be cappin', sayin' that they gang, but only come around when I got the riches
Y'all n***as be sayin' that y'all ride or die, but when the police come in, y'all turn into snitches
I'm married to the money, gave it a ring 'cause yvngxchris-o never needed a missus
Or maybe I do, but I can't even tell you
They say I'm the sh*t, they say, “Chris, I can smell you”
Say “yvngxchris broke,” n***a, I could sell you
Free all of my n***as locked up in that cell too
I'm smokin' exotic, got pack in the mail too
If I got a problem, my shooter will kill you
Your n***a locked up and that gang won't bail you
I stay with that stick, shoutout my n***a L Lou
Alright, b*t*h I'm done, stop f**kin' recordi-