Not Working!
I shoot a pu**y a** boy with the Glock .30
He tried to play me, lil' boy, but it's not workin'
She shakin' a**, but I told her to stop twerkin'
I cannot drop me a song that is not perfect
Scope on the blicky and I'm lookin' observant
Down on my d**k, I was bad, I was stuck hurtin'
My last ho called me, I call her the dumb birdie
If you keep f**kin' with me, then your life is in Jeopardy, b*t*h, I'm not talkin' 'bout Alex
I just got a b*t*h up with me, and she off of the ecstasy, I got a b*t*h off the alec'
I'm f**kin' with lil' shorty heavily, b*t*h got a booty like Megan, I'm not talkin' Stallion
Got a bad a** b*t*h, she a ebony, she finna hop on the d**k like that b*t*h was a rabbit
I hop out the cut, he in doom
I'm shootin' sh*t up, all you heard was, "Boom"
I'm posted up reppin' with my f**kin' goons
My stick too big, I got no f**kin' room
That b*t*h too animated like a 'toon
No Milanezie, but I kept me the tool
Got model b*t*hes on my d**k, so we bool
He ride with the Glock 'cause he think that it's cool
Carry the stick, even when I'm sleepin'
That bust down Richard Mille got me freezin'
B*t*h, I'm on the block posted with the demons
I'm not givin' a f**k what that n***a believe in
You not tryna f**k? B*t*h, you gotta leave then
I got a white plug and that n***a name Ethan
I hit up the plug, he say, "What is you needin'?"
That pu**y on water, ride down in the deep end
That Balenciaga, got that sh*t from Neiman's
Shoot a n***a in broad day, b*t*h, good evening (Ha)
Ayo, b*t*h, I cannot f**kin' sing, I did that sh*t with no autotune
Yvngxchris in this b*t*h, ayy
Yvngxchris in this b*t*h, ayy