Foolin’ Around
Lyrics from Snippets

[Intro: Solange]
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown face
Brown liquor
Brown sugar, brown braids
Black skin
Black Benz, black plays
Black mola**es, blackberry the ma**es (Yuki Production)

[Verse: yvngxchris with The-Dream]
Shorty keep askin', like "Chris what you doin'" I told her "Just sittin' here foolin' around"
Step in that b*t*h and everybody know my name, can't lie, I'm the dude in my town
Gave her the d**k one time, now she keep on beggin' me, "Chris, let's go one more round"
Goddamn, Yuki this beat goin' way too fast, okay, let's slow this ho down
Matter fact, f**k it, I'm speedin' that b*t*h up
Kankan that pu**y, I'm beatin' that b*t*h up
She suck it sloppy, I can't even get up
Shorty too ugly, I can't even get up
Pu**y boy hatin', my racks gettin' bigger
Ho tryna f**k [?] eat this d**k up
She want the [?]
I slide with the Glock and that b*t*h finna hiccup
You gettin' knocked at your door if you f**kin' with Chris
And my young n***a, he gettin' rich
Yvngxchris be f**kin' these b*t*hes, I gotta admit, goddamn
N***a you not with the gang and I got good [?] so you know that the Glock finna hit
And that n***a broke as a b*t*h
Down bad, that n***a still askin' b*t*hes for their Kik
And I slide with a choppa, I'm not talkin' soccer, that motherf**ker got some kick
And I feel like a kid with no friends, 'cause [?] is really playin' with them sticks (Oh yeah)
And I'm droppin' hits on top of hits, they say goddamn "Chris you don't miss" (Oh yeah)
And I really don't f**k with that drill sh*t, so I'm finna switch it up
She ride like a horsey, told her "Giddy up"
And that b*t*h suck my d**k, told that girl to get up
I ride, with the stick in the [?]
These n***as actin' like b*t*hes, on God
That b*t*h tryna wave at a n***a like Rod
And I'm finna go cray, [?] a n***a like [?]...