​twin flame

Eliza McLamb

I cracked open my skull for you
Thinkin' this is what'll change your mind
'Cause you seem like you like me
You're bein' pretty nice to me
It's time for you to move on by

But you surprised me, said the other side of me
Seemed to be sort of like a mirror
That when you fall asleep, you dream f**ked up things too
And talking to me makes it clearer

Now that you understand
You got the upper hand
I can't bullsh*t you no more
'Cause I can read your mind
Like you can read mine
We're playing games, but who's keeping score

I'm pretty sure this sh*t just ain't adding up
Do I like you, or do I like that you're f**ked up
Like me
But I'm the queen
I'm more f**ked up than you and we agree

This is every fight
I'll turn off every light
Just so I can't see
That this is bad for me
Has to be more than just mutual suffering

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