Eliza McLamb

In the back of my Pontiac
I taught you how to feel it
Pulled it out of your throat
You choked
You looked at me like you had seen a ghost
(Like you had seen a ghost)

Told me 'bout your mom, how she gets
A little strung out on the weekends
Had to be the man, put your foot down
Before you grew into your hands

They tremble now, underneath mine
Say it softly, you got all the time
When I drive you home, I'll take the long way
Park the car, finish the song, watch you go inside
Hope you find a good place to hide

Skip the last half of the day
Cutting class to listen to Clapton
On my stereo that crunches all the bass
You said Layla was the most beautiful work of art
At the end, the guitar says more than words could even begin to start

All you wrote me were instrumentals
All your love spelled in piano
Would you say it to me out loud?

Don't wanna force your hand
I just wanna understand you
All the words you couldn't say to me
I know why it had to be that way

When the car broke down in 2018
I took our love with it to the junkyard
I could sell it for parts now
But I won't

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