King Fantastic
[Intro: Dirt Nasty] (x3)
I shine like Morrisey on Hennesey on Christmas Eve
No more like Morris Day on hella yay dressing gay

[Hook: King Fantastic & Dirt Nasty]
I sniff cocaine and I smoke
I put my dick in her throat
Xanax with the Jack and Coke
These bitches like to get choked
These bitches like to get choked
These bitches like to get choked
These bitches like to get choked
Sex, drugs, and rock n roll

[King Fantastic]
Man, I go hard and I party on a plane
Just don't pull my card
I am not a rockstar
I am Killer Reese One, gangbanger from Compton
Westside wasted
Hundred on the cocaine, can't feel my face shit
Eighth shot, ape shit
Three blunts in, flying with a cape shit

[Dirt Nasty]
I'm addicted to drugs, addicted to sex
When I'm high, I'm a dick to my ex
Call her up for a late night butt fuck
When I'm done, throw that bitch in a dump truck
I can still taste the coke
It's like Columbia's ripping down my throat
AA was a waste of time
Hey Reese, pass the Patron with lime


[Dirt Nasty]
I got some bad addictions
My speed dealer be wearing Affliction
You should see his bitch, man
Her ass so fine, make me wanna put my fist in it
[King Fantastic]
Yup, in her anus
It ain't never been a problem it's because I'm famous
We do this shameless
Why little bitch it ain't right if it's painless

[Dirt Nasty]
I'm Shameless, Willie H. Macy
Suck my balls, tell me if they tasty
Wipe my dick all over your face-y
All you can eat buffet of babies

[King Fantastic]
Foaming at the mouth like rabies
Xanax bar finna parachute to save me
Get high with a nice young lady
Most of my time I spend doped up and crazy