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Young Scooter

"Trap Bars"

[Intro: Young Scooter]
Cornell (Haha)
Black Migo Gang
You dig? True story

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
Mask on, move low, creep silent
I promote bricks, I don't promote violence
b*tch, I'm from the 6, the king of pulling tricks
Black Amigo pay like twenty b*tches' rent
Your baby mom included, yeah, she love Scooter
You right, I ain't gon' do it, I pay like twenty shooters
That's if they cross me, they'll kill 'em softly
Lately, I been kickin' sh*t like Bruce Lee
Won't do a show for less than twenty, don't approach me
You fake rappin' ass n*ggas never seen the streets
I gave you n*ggas a lot of lingo, you should thank Street
My opp went to prison, I got him shanked every week
Real talk, n*gga, I never touched a boy
Boss sh*t, I made your b*tch snort a line with Roy
I raised myself in the bricks, grew up a hustler
Zone 6 drug lord, got all the customers

[Interlude: Young Scooter]
Jugg, haha
Black Migo Gang, YSL, you dig? Yeah
We came a long way from Section 8, n*gga, haha
Got slime in this b*tch with me, you dig?
Count up

[Verse 2: VL Deck]
Whip a Nascar, tell 'em shoot a hundred round (Round)
VVS's on my neck, plus my bustdown (Aw yeah)
Mix the codeine with the Fanta, watch it turn brown (Brown)
Cavalli on the daily, lookin' like I'm sponsored by 'em (Go)
Lifestyle turnt, 'member nights of sellin' white (Yeah)
Ridin' in this new whip, clutchin' on my loaded pipe
I don't wanna serve you, heard you in black and white (Huh?)
Yeah, I'm out the trap but my gesture and my pocket right
Let me take you to the trap, bust a bale, clutch a strap
Bricks came saran wrapped, yeah, we with all of that (What else?)
Now I hit a button, and on the roof, the top fall back (Robot)
California blue face, copped it all for gas, jack
Came in focused, don't you be the one to send me back
And half of y'all my sons, how you hate the one that showed you that?
b*tch, you know I stomp for real, still active, I'ma handle that
Put signs by the chief, now they takin' hits for just a stack

[Verse 3: Young Thug]
Drop a kilo on your head (Whole thing)
Told him to call me when he dead
n*gga said, "We rollin' up in fifteen minutes," he was scared (Hah)
I got an ol' weak ass b*tch tryna suck my di*k way direct (Hold on, lil' b*tch)
Ever since the first body, I been like, "Next, next" (Next)
Best believe I get respected, I'm the chef (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I was just thinkin' like Chi-Town and he ran (Woo)
Percocets and Xans, crunch it up like candy (Like candy)
I put twenty birds in the coupe, you can call me pigeon, n*gga (Brr)
I got a young crew out the zoo, you can believe they lickin', n*gga (Slatt, let's go)
If he cross me, we kill him softly (Shh)
Twenty-two dollars just hit at the head, it sound like it's coughin' (Uh-uh-uh)
I wrap some water around my wrist like I'm a dolphin (Like I'm a dolphin)
I got some green diamonds like p*ss, ridin' down Slauson (Ridin' down skrrt)
I got a tall b*tch named Kate, I'm 'bout to slice her (Let's go)
Soon as I f*cked her, I passed her to Pimp 'cause I don't wife her (Yeah)

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