YFU Baby

Jimmy Choos huh?
YFU cop that
Yeah I set the mood, uh huh
With the pricetag
Know I’m on the loose, feeling lucky won the Lotty
Yeah, I got that
Don’t show up for nothin, better show me where the stash at
I don’t lose hey, I make honey
Juicy, keep that coming
Tuunchei, got Young Money
Boutta win the lotto, don’t get comfy

[Verse 1]
Nice girls don’t fight but I’ll pull the trigger
On IG comparing Berks but my check is bigger
Earned the stripes, had to work
You got put on
When I blow up, please don’t text on my cell phone
Runnin’ Dollaz, Dura Dura you already know
Comes to money, got plethora
Wrist stay icy cold
Oji call mе his Senora, guess I’m getting old
Got thеse dudes tippin fedoras, bowin at my toes

Your boy do what I said so
Livin’ rent free in they mental
Fella tried to pull up in a rental
Fella tried to pull up in a rental!

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