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Noize MC

"I Am the Rain"

[Текст песни «I Am The Rain»]

[Verse 1]
It's so dark and cold in this evening
Rain is knocking on the glass of my window
Like a stranger looking for the place to rest
Whose request is please, let me be your guest
I'm depressed, and it knows why I feel this way
And it knows why this day is my last day
Hey, Rain, don't you think, that we are alike
Maybe, I'll become you when I leave this life
I'll be just water falling down from skies
Drops – will be my tears, clouds – will be my eyes
Look at the glass you will see the letters of your name
Baby, I'm dead. I became the rain

But you just don't know, you can't understand
That I'm the rain and nobody will tell you
You're waiting for sun, I hide it again
Like you hide yourself under umbrella
Under umbrella

[Verse 2]
Look, I'm knocking on your roof, falling on the ground
Trying to talk to you, but you don't hear me, even when I shout
Even when I scream loud – making thunder sound
You just don't understand what it is about
Sometimes it seems to be that I’ll never stop
But I lose my power with every tear drop
Look, how I cry, feel my tears on your face
I'll be back to you soon on one of rainy days
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