Saving Face (Early Version Of Roll The Bones) lyrics

Shakey Graves

[Verse 1]
Come 20 days when you get married
I'll hold longer and wait
I don't think I can save face honestly
Enough to make it through the day
She likes to dream that I'm still there but

Baby I am homeless, damn I love the morning
Stag on me and right outta town
Living with my family, damn I was so happy
Why did I leave that hollow ground

[Verse 2]
Go tell the father his daughters pregnant
Yeah shes gon' have a baby boy
He'll come out drinking, cussing and stinking
Yeah that's our little bundle of joy

Cause' daddy can't forget all his enemies and debts
Yeah they chase him round and give him sour dreams
Like tied up to a tree all my family and me
Just keep running round' in circles that we've left

Don't you run away if your boy he wants to stay
I know he loves me more than you ever could
Something bout' your taste is such a sad thing to waste
It's like you bottle in, you know I surely would

[Verse 4]
Please ask the doctor to stop the pain
Am I tired of this world and this fire
Please ask the doctor to stop the pain
Am I tired of this world and this fire
My only bed is all made up I am ready to be cast into the fire

So sell my belongings all my clever drawings
Try to make a dollar from the grave
Give flowers to my friends I'll be with them until the end
And then my memory will always remain

Ain't life sweet, ain't life sweet

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