⠀⠀(English Version)
The disappearing railroads, the train that was supposed to turn
Empty music that can’t be heard
Even, the letters
Begin to dance in the station;
Today, from there, a person came out
Like this, being noisy like a fool
Pretending to understand
And do nothing
Since that day, I've stopped moving
Today too, I'm here in this place

No one will see me
No one could chase me
Step over the rail
So as to remain out of sight
I cast my gaze downwards;
Today, too shall rain

“Where is this place?”
I looked around and saw
There’s nothing–
There’s nothing– (Nothing.)
There shouldn’t be–
There shouldn’t be– (Yes, here, too…)
As it disappears into tomorrow (Tomorrow will not come.)
That is, (So then,)
Somehow, ever so slightly, (Come just this way here–)
They are facing towards it. (Can’t see it.)
So then, (But…)
I closed my mouth, (Wanting to hear it,)
I look that way (I look this way.)
The truth is
I wished to go out to meet someone, so…
Ah, well then
Good night

No one will see me
No one could chase me
Step over the station
So as to be seen again
They cast their gaze downwards
Today too, shall rain
No one will see me…
Where have I disappeared to?
So that you won’t come
I thought I stopped "it"
With all my strength…