Ne Obliviscaris

"Felo de Se"

Staring into what lies beneath
A bow to throat, solocide
Hearken to the angel's hiss
A vein-string crescendo dies...
Screams above as blood runs wild
Raised blades unsheathed, beguiled
Vein tears down her face
As beauty fell... Grace...

Escorted nigh by winged murder
They conspire to talon fervour
Purging pure her cut-throat grail
Draping red the land of never...
Memories rush as maelstrom souls
Battering down the mind chambers
So surreal, the labyrinth lies
The blood rush is lost to wonder...

Upon the snow she lay frozen
Painted hell and wings broken
The heaven of beauty fell doom
A blood rose in full bloom...

From the heavens of her hell
A swan dive of all divinity
Piercing as one, the chef d'oeuvre
This fraction of eternity...
Spiraling down in vertigo
Towards the womb and death alone
Falling down... The final fall
(Em)bracing for liberation...
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