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Kurt Cobain

"Heart-Shaped Box (Literal Music Video)"

If he goes now, I want his golf clubs
I want his jazz records!
Hey, I want his jazz records!
Naw man, I get his jazz records!
Guys, c’mon, I told you all I totally getting his jazz records

[Verse 1]
Baby Grampa Santa Christ takes walks on his break
Robot crows, a ladder and a cross that looks fake
How’d he get those ropes on, did the birds do that?
This could just be his worst Christmas card idea yet

Yell! Wail! And auto focus fail
Krist just stepped on a bug, now I’m blurred, now I’m not
Fell! Down! I’ve got a weird eyebrow
Shiny bass, show my face, and we’re way colorized
Caw! Crow! Where did that old guy go!
Think we scared him away with your drumming and my
Scary eyes

[Verse 2]
Racist kid and what happened to Slim Goodbody
Giving treadmill hugs, can’t reach the baby tree
Guess that old guy left so he could change his hat
Still can’t reach, so she skips away, and then the man gets zapped
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