Fad Gadget
Locomotion took us there and back
We kept our heads, we laid our track
Pedestrian wait!

The power of steel automation
Turn the key for mass ignition
Pedestrian wait!

Airplanes buzz like Asian flu
Jumbo junks on Airfix glue
Spaceships built for leisure cruise
Baby's feet in brand new shoes

Sunday cleaning chrome and steel
A man-made god, the automobile
Pedestrian wait!

Ford protect us in this race
To find another parking space
Pedestrian wait!

Now you know it takes you nowhere
Now there's nowhere left to go
Every road leads to another
Juggernaut noise and petrol fumes
Twenty five acres every day
To make one mile of motorway
Pedestrian wait!

Don't breathe the air, it's full of lead
Baby's sick, baby's dead
Pedestrian wait!

Now I've got my head screwed on
And my boots are both laced p
Don't want to be a precinct puppet
I'm going to walk just where I choose