RXK lyrics

RXK Nephew

They wish I was down on my ass
Stuck in the trap, b*t*h I ain't did sh*t
Grinding my teeth, booted on a bean
Nightmares, demons in my dreams
b*t*h if I tell a secret, better keep it
I'm fighting off demons everytime I'm sleeping
Ion't think 'bout my last plug, f**k 'em
Ain't think 'bout my last b*t*h, f**k 'em
Ain't got no [?]
Plain jane gold chain smoking
Told my b*t*h, "b*t*h, you better hold me"
I ain't got no daddy, I was [?]
Suicide, a real n***a do it
You gon' kill yourself? n***a, do it
I f**k on that b*t*h to slither music
If I get locked up, b*t*h better answer
Last b*t*h ain't answer
Walk in that b*t*h like f**k cancer
Big Backwood like f**k cancer
These fake ass demons, I don't believе them
A b*t*h bumping head thinking I need her
Thе hate is real, n***a I see it
Best friends turn to enemies
These fake ass demons be killing me
Uh uh, I don't wanna hear them fake stories
b*t*h you know what I paid for it
Chain on my neck, could've got 10 years
Reach for her, I'ma catch 25 years
My b*t*h nagging, she don't know how to act
Had a long day, b*t*h rub my back
b*t*h talking 'bout her, her problems
b*t*h I got real life problems
I'm in the booth in the two-bedroom apartment
I ain't getting no job, I'm robbing
Trapping out the two-bedroom apartment
Neighbors keep p*ssing me off
My neighbors keep hearing RXK! RXK! KKK!
I will hang a n***a like a racist cracker
I love white people, they good licks
All my good licks is white
Every b*t*h I met do coke white
b*t*h suck d**k like a white b*t*h
b*t*h can't cook like a white b*t*h
Blonde hair, blue eyes like a white b*t*h
Plug said I got good credit like a white b*t*h
Pull up yeehoo, like a white b*t*h
Her last man pu**y, she don't like d**k
I'ma walk in that b*t*h like RXK!
I'ma step out that b*t*h like RXK!
RXK! KKK! Hang a n***a like KKK
Tie 'em up, headtap your daughter
Suck my d**k, lil n***a I said it
I will burglarize a n***a house
Snatch a n***a sh*t then I'm out
Walk in that b*t*h, RXK! KKK! KKKK!

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