Slither Conspiracy
I'ma drink this Henny 'til I f**k up my kidney
I'ma keep sellin' crack 'til I see a Bentley
I ain't never even really want a Bentley
I just wanna be able to buy a Bentley
I told wifey "Let me rob your brother"
She like, "Hell nah, babe, that's my brother"
I'm like, "Yeah, you right. Let's rob your ex"
She like, "Babe, why you wanna rob everybody?"
I love you, but girl, f**k everybody
I don't give a damn what they gotta say
I'll tell 'em "Suck a d**k" in they facе
She like, "Babe, I lovе you, but you too crazy"
I'm like, "Shut the f**k up, you ain't seen crazy"
I'm really be on them beans lately
Lil' b*t*h think her brother crazy
I'll stab a n***a 133 times
Beat the sh*t out of his baby's dad
Wifey said, "Damn Nephew, you tripping"
I rob everybody that I know
That's why I don't got no friends like that
All my friends said that I stole
I've been robbin' n***as since Lil' Bill
White b*t*h look like Kill Bill
Cookin' up babies like Pickle Dill
Two twin .40's, like Phil and Lil
My b*t*h evil, like Angelica
She will rob a n***a, she will set them up
I've been robbin' since Rugrats
My b*t*h says, "Stop poppin' beans"
I'm like, "Shut the f**k up, I'll slap you, ho'"
I'm like, "Shut the f**k up, I'll rob you, ho'"
(Slitherman, he be out of his mind)
I try to calm down, stop trippin'
White van, traffic a b*t*h
White van, traffic a n***a
White van, ransom your daughter
Terrorist acts, blow up a school bus
Suicide threat, kill myself
So much nerve, had to do it myself
Smoke a backwood, I wanna kill myself
Everyday I wanna break a b*t*h jaw
I get drunk and crash my car
Teacher said I wouldn't make it far
That dumba** ho was probably right
All my good licks is white
B*t*h sniff coke, got blue eyes
Walk in the trap like Donald Trump
Big Neph make the trap great again
Glick in my hand like killer Donald Trump
I make the cemetery great again
N***a diss me, say it to my face
I bet you won't ever say sh*t again
Kick a pregnant b*t*h in the stomach with Timbs
You don't like what I said, then unsubscribe
I will stab an innocent b*t*h in they eyes
They say Slitherman was born and died
Adam and Eve was sniffin' coke
But they ain't wanna put that in the Bible
The Bible told you Eve was triflin'
The Bible made me hate a b*t*h
They try to make me eat off that tree, I'll kill 'em
I ain't eatin' sh*t for these b*t*h a** n***as
Jump out the cut, kill a b*t*h a** n***a
Never in my life been a b*t*h a** n***a
If Adam and Eve was real, they was black
Smokin' weed out of leaves, drinkin' Yak
They think Jesus was drinkin' grape juice, but Jesus was drinkin' Yak
They say Donald Trump really black
They say Lil Durk killed King Von
I ain't never meet King Von
For some reason, I f**k with King Von
Rest in peace to King Von
Punch a b*t*h in they face like King Von
I'll beat a n***a a** like King Von
He gon' have to kill me, like I'm King Von
I'ma die for this sh*t like King Von
With a crazy a** story like King Von
All my opps dead, like King Von
Opps hate me like I'm King Von
Walk in that b*t*h like "wangwan?"
They say Slitherman killed Reagan
They say Slitherman could be Jesus or Slitherman could be the real Satan
They say that Slitherman took over Kane's body when he took that n***a datin'
Slitherman don't play PlayStations
Slitherman on the run from Area 51
I used to f**k with Will Smith 'til I found out Will Smith was on that gay sh*t
I don't wanna watch Fresh Prince no more
I don't wanna see I Am Legend no more
These n***as dressin' up like Madea
They on the mixtape lookin' like Prince
They got they a** out like they Prince
They on Crime Stoppers like they T.I.P
I'll stab a b*t*h like Young Buck did
They say Young Buck was f**kin' with trannies
If 50 Cent signed Young Buck, that mean 50 Cent was f**kin' with trannies
They like, "Neph, would you ever sign to Bad Boy?"
I'm like "Hell nah, they gay"
French was gettin' f**ked in his a**
Rick Ross lockin' n***as in the cage
French Montana sacrificed Max
He knew that all his raps was wack
Kanye West got his a** licked
And RX Papi turned into a snitch
Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon
He can't do that Michael Jackson move
They say that James Brown did coke
They say that Lil Yachty sniff coke
Lil Yachty never had a yacht before rap
How the f**k? Why he call himself that?
They say that Joe Budden was smokin' crack
Tahiry used to go and buy his crack
Casanova sound just like Uncle Murda
Uncle Murda sound just like Casanova
And Desiigner sound just like Future
Future never did molly and was never booted
Lil Wanye's dreads fallin' out his head
Birdman still kissin' n***as on they head
NBA YoungBoy doin' lapdances
I'll beat a n***a a** like I'm Quando Rondo
Walk in that b*t*h like, "Rest in peace Von"
Punch a b*t*h, kick a b*t*h like he Quando Rondo
I'll jump out the car like King Von
Hit a b*t*h with the thirty-seven piece combo
Why everybody listen to Blac Youngsta?
I can't even understand what that n***a sayin'
Yo Gotti head bigger than a b*t*h
He stretchin' out every t-shirt he wear
All Joe Biden's votes was fake
They say Donald Trump should've won again
I should punch that n***a in his sh*t
Everybody think stimulus comin' again
I'm still waitin' on auntie's stimulus check
I'm still waitin' on unc's stimulus check
They say Donald Trump ain't president no more, so ain't nobody gettin' a stimulus check
Unc owe me money out his stimulus check
Auntie owe me money out her stimulus check
I done robbed a n***a for his stimulus check
'Bout to rob another n***a for his stimulus check
I think this whole pandemic was fake
COVID-19 was fake
I'm coughin' 'cause of these white runtz
They killed Fred the Godson and lied about it
How the f**k Jeremih got COVID-19?
That's the n***a who made "Birthday Sex"
How the f**k y'all gon' give that n***a COVID?
He the one who made that song "Birthday Sex"
How the f**k FBG get killed downtown?
How that's the first n***a get killed downtown?
They sacrificed him, he was talkin' too much
Now they gon' have to do me like they did him
These n***as faker than Lil' Kim
Lil' Kim was only nice for suckin' d**k
All Cardi B raps sound dumb as sh*t
Offset a bum for f**kin' with that b*t*h
If you think the Migos really sold dope, n***a, then you dumb as a b*t*h
Gucci Mane said when he first met the Migos, told 'em, "Take those chains off, they fake as a b*t*h"
They all got dreads, tryna look like twins
How the f**k Lil Durk got fake dreads?
How the f**k Fetty Wap got fake dreads?
I feel like Chief Keef back from the dead
I don't take back sh*t Slitherman said
B*t*h gon' remember me for what I said
I knew Waka Flocka was never tough
He let Gucci diss him, he ain't did sh*t
Gucci said Flocka was in contract for a million, he ain't get it out
Rappin' really didn't work for Waka Flocka, so he went and took the doctor route
All these rappers move like 6ix9ine
I heard Gunna got a n***a time
I seen Gunna on Crime Stoppers, whatever you wanna call it, 48 Hours
When Slitherman die, don't send me flowers
If you put me in a pack, better be some rebel
When you smoke that weed, you gon' get a Glock
You gon' a mask and you gon' start the robbin'
How the f**k n***as say crack don't sell?
Lindsay Lohan smoke crack
Amy Winehouse smoke crack
Lamar Odom smoke crack
DMX smoke crack
Katt Williams smoke crack
Dave Chappelle don't smoke crack
Lot of rich n***as don' smoke crack
How you think Fat Joe lost his fat?
Everybody know to lose weight, you smoke crack
If I get in the industry, I'm selling crack
All them Disney Channel kids smoke crack
Trap house look like High School Musical
Whole house in the b*t*h smoke crack
Everybody get high then go to singin'
Unc can sing, but not auntie pat
I don't give a f**k 'bout no views
I don't give a f**k 'bout no shoes
Auntie got her first stimulus
But she sad 'cause it ain't two