Skyline Tony Too Good
Boss up, n***a

I'm feelin' in that mood tonight
My b*t*h been stressin' me out all week, so play it cool tonight
Chains out in the hood, I wish they would, I'll act a fool tonight
I told my homie [?] "lemme get it, you ain't doin' it right"
They got a Glock, ain't shootin' it right
B*t*h wanna cool tonight
She wanna rub my back and cook a n***a food tonight
My dog, he switched the day he said "We was too light"
One man army by myself 'cause they ain't movin' right
I got a lick I wanna hit, gotta play it smooth tonight
Street n***a in them streets, bands through the night
[?] go right up, tell my b*t*h "We gon' move tonight"
I dropped out, went right back to the trap, I couldn't choose right
OG said "Success is lonely", n***a, good luck
I'ma let the opps diss, but they don't pull up
That lil' ho left me, I was in jail, I wasn't good enough
I'm goin' through some sh*t, lemme spark this woods or sum'n
I'ma [?]
All these fake a** gangstas, they be make-believe
Throwin' shots, paint ya face like it's Maybelline
No matter how many guns n***as got, they ain't scarin' me
Grandma raised a gangsta and I mean it, n***a
They gon' talk about that sh*t if I ain't' seen it, n***a
I don't know my dad, and I don't wanna meet the n***a
I'll beat a n***a, hope he know his son a demon, n***a
I told my partner hold it down if they set me up
Walk in like I'm Mojo Jojo, my b*t*h B***ercup
All that subliminal diss, they love to sucker punch
Catch an opp in the alley and stab his body up
Stab his a** til I can't stab no more
Stab a n***a, bend the knife, and make sure that it broke
Make a opp [?] watch me while I slit his throat
Make a opp walk the plank, throw 'em off the boat
Sometimes I get off in my feelings, don't know where to go
These n***as number one haters, but appearance broke
Can't take no pictures with my gun 'cause I'ma shoot you with it
Can't take no pictures in the kitchen, I whip deuces in it
I don't wanna hear them rhymes, ain't no truth in it
Silencer on that b*t*h, sound like a flute with it
Auntie took the vaccine for a couple dollars
You know the straight drop I got, it'd fix the problems
Grandma told me "Don't be eatin' b*t*hes pasta"
B*t*h can't make a sandwich but want steak and lobster
I couldn't walk a straight line, I used to fall and wobble
I never liked when people told me I got mental problems