Crack House
Yeah, welcome to my house, baby
We got baiters, we got percs, we got grams, we got silver (Psychopat)
We got beans, we got-, we got everything you need, you know what I'm sayin'?
We got dabs, we got wax, we got acid, we got shrooms, we got everything
My white boy around the corner, he got homegrown

Cook up a deuce, help me ease out the day (Yeah)
New breed trapping, care less 'bout fame (Yeah, yеah)
Price drop down, that sh*t gave me famе (Yeah)
Opp think I'm lackin', get shot in they face (Yeah, grrt)
Twelve kick door, I'm jumpin' the gate (Nyoom)
Only time that I pray is when I catch a case (Yeah)
The Devil be real, the love be fake
Take out the dishes and clean out the sink (Yeah, yeah)
Get a 3.5 like, "Have a nice day"
I've been through a lot, I'm stronger today (Yeah, yeah)
Hit that b*t*h with some fetti, it's stronger today
Get shot in your face, won't be a great day (Grrt, grrt)
Grind all my life, but I never wore skates (Yeah)
Kareem Campbell when I get the 'caine (Yeah, yeah)
I'm Chad Muska when I traffic 'caine (Chad mooska)
I'm young zooka with an AK (I'm young zooka)
All my life, they had a foot on my neck (All my life)
I ain't goin' out like that n***a George Floyd (Yeah, yeah)
I was young, I didn't play with toys (Yeah, yeah)
I wanted a .9 as a little boy (Yeah, yeah)
Run a n***a over like water boy (Run a n***a over)
Come through, cop you a quarter, boy (Yeah, yeah)
We got girl, we got bundles of boy (Yeah, yeah)
Head tap a n***a, cross the gun line, boy (Yeah, yeah)
Anthony Anderson crack bags (Anthony Anderson)
White lick look like Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston)
Nose bleed, she can't handle it (Nose bleed)
Wrist in the pot, I'm scramblin' (Yeah)
Mexican plug look like George Lopez (George Lopez)
Pull up like GrubHub on a moped (Nyoom)
New breed trapper, ain't have no dad (Yeah)
Me and Papi go way back, like four flags (Yeah, yeah)
A6 on swingin' like the new Paul Wall
Street n***a, in the center console got hot sauce (Yeah, yeah)
Slide through the paint, b*t*h, lookin' like hot sauce (Yeah)
A1 moves in the pot, like hot sauce (Yeah, yeah)
Get on the booth, feel like Lil B (Get on the booth)
I used to smoke weed, listen to Lil B (Yeah, yeah)
I'll slap the f**k outta A Boogie, PnB (Yeah, yeah)
Shoot the f**k out a n***a, like I'm Lil Reese (Grrrt, grrt, grrrt)
Kill the f**k out a n***a, like I'm Lil Reese (Grrrt, grrt, grrrt)
Let a n***a come run up on me, like I'm Lil B (Yeah)
I'll slap the f**k outta A Boogie, PnB (Yeah, yeah)
For f**kin' with my n***a Based God, Lil B (My n***a)
I'm right 'round the corner, like Cousin Skeet (B*t*h)
My b*t*h get mad, don't like to smell my feet (Yeah)
I ain't take off my shoes for a whole week (Yeah)
I've been on the block for a whole week (Yeah, yeah)
(Ayy) I'm smugglin' drugs everyday, that's the way (Yeah, yeah)
F**k up my lungs with this gas everyday (Yeah)
Baby f**k up her nose, snortin' up all the 'caine (Yeah, yeah)
I jumped off the porch, started dealin' with jakes (Jumped off the porch)
My grandmama told me I'm stuck in my way (Grandmama told me)
She said I'm determined, sometimes I'm defiant (Yeah, yeah)
In the concrete jungle with the heart of a lion
Seen my first .30 then I got excited
Thirty-one grams of crack cocaine
Twelve turn their back, put that b*t*h on a plane
Two rocks in that b*t*h, like have a nice day
I really sold cocaine all my life (Yeah)
I used to cut my coke with vitamin powder
Before I started usin' Miami ice
First stolen car was a caravan (Yeah, yeah)
I jump in with a flathead (Yeah, yeah)
Pop the ignition and get to goin' (Yeah, yeah)
Both my aunties, they was smokin' (Both my aunties)
My grandma and my momma both know it (Yeah)
Grandma bought me Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Yeah)
Uncle came through and stole it (And stole it)
I swear to God, I wanted to smoke him (Grrt)
But I knew that he was smokin' (My uncle)
Auntie geekin' on the dope stick (Yeah)
Trap house look like Malcolm In The Middle
Big Glock like Phil from the future
Auntie thought she was That's So Raven, seen the future (Yeah)
I cannot make this up, this is true (Yeah)
I've been playin' with guns since Blues' Clues (Yeah)
In my hood, there was no rules (Yeah)
I robbed my best friend who I went to school with (Yeah)
Punched him out his Nikes, took his jewelry (Punched him out)
He like, "Damn, n***a, we was friends" (Damn)
I'm like, "Shut yo' b*t*h a** up" (Shut yo' b*t*h a** up)
N***a, my uncle just took my game
N***a, that sh*t had me hittin' stains (Yeah, yeah)
.30 clip sing, like Eddie Kane (Yeah, yeah)
Five temptations with the K (Five temptations)
Up the glick, beat a n***a face (Grrt, grrt)
I ain't never think Kevin Hart was funny (Yeah, yeah)
I think Mike Epps was way better (Way better)
Pull up, head slick back like Pinkie (Nyoom)
Stone Cold Steve with a black vest, leather (Stone Cold Steve)
When I was young, I used to love McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
Homie got high, I went and robbed McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
N***a, I ain't never worked for McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
Remember when I got some pu**y off McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
Remember when I got some head at McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
Trap so much, might open a McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
I don't even listen to Gucci no more (Yeah)
And I damn sure don't eat no McDonalds (Yeah, yeah)
Trap house line look like McDonalds (Yeah)
N***a, you a clown, lookin' like McDonald (Yeah)
I used to help with groceries for a dollar (Yeah, yeah)
By the Save-A-Lot next to Family Dollar (Yeah, yeah)
N***a, I'm Marlon Wayne, who want a problem? (Ayy)
Auntie panhandling make fifty dollars (Ayy)
Unc' standin' in the street, that n***a wildin' (Ayy)
He stoppin' traffic beggin' for a dollar (Ayy)
That's what it look like on Goodman/Garson (Yeah, yeah)
I remember I was young, almost caught an arson (Yeah, yeah)
Momma drink more beer than Stone Cold Steve Austin (Yeah, yeah)
Walk out the trap, like Stone Cold Steve Austin (Yeah, yeah)
Stone Cold Stunna, traffic' workin' Austin (Yeah, yeah)
I stone cold your a** to a coffin
Drive the Audi, like Stone Cold Steve Austin (Nyoom, phew)
Neph' drunk as f**k, he barely walkin' (Yeah, yeah)
I'm in the trap, *cough* *cough* (I'm in the trap)
White lick said that the coke was awesome (Yeah, yeah)
B*t*h, that sh*t I was talkin' 'bout came from Boston (Yeah)
Might catch a few nose bleeds often (Yeah, yeah)
*cough* *cough* (Yeah, yeah)
*cough* *cough*
*cough* *cough*