I Love My Jacket
Lil Mama asking me about my life
Before I had a gun, used to ride with a knife
I ain’t never go job huntin’
Line a lick up if he got somn'
I ain’t tryna hold hands in the mall
31 grams, cocaine raw
12 pull up not talkin’ at all
Don’t believe them, they Santa Claus
5’2” with a mean att**ude
Fall back baby, ion got time for that
Time is money, I ain't got either
Might pick this raw coke at Geneva
I’m from the slums, we trap out the alley
Young n***a 15, 15 baggin!
She said she was down, put her life on the line
Unc in the cut with a pipe gettn’ high!
Momma had roaches, hood laughеd at me
Unc in the cut with a fresh cold Natty!
Nеver had J’s used to wear White 1’s
Braids on my neck lookin’ like Gerome
B*t*h on my d**k, don’t know where I’m from
Every opp I see be boutta run
J’z in the hood know my name where I’m from
Make it back when the pack f**ked up!
I’m on the road, need a home cooked meal
(?) tired of fast food meals
She like “damn, you drivin’ still?”
I’m high as hell I’m drunk as hell
I’m drunk as a f**k baby girl you know it
Caught a flight last night in Brooklyn
D**kies with the shades I’m in Brooklyn
Whatchu do in Brooklyn? Juggin!
Pull up on the homeboy from the 90’s
Young n***a wildin’ born in 2000
Drop more songs than Andre 3000
Plug bugged out tryna charge $3000
Glick got the shorts damn I’m wildin’
Ask my b*t*h to hold my Glock
B*t*h say no? Get out the spot!
Neph whatchu doing? I’m punchin the clock!
I’m drunk as f**k I can’t stop blinking
Vision impaired, I’m barely seein’
They pull me over, see a fifth of Henny
Drink a half a pint with my eggs and toast
Might pour Henny in my Cap’n Crunch!
Might fry my chicken with some Henny!
I ain’t puttin’ no chase in my Henny
Ion need no help to drink my Henny
B*t*h better not reach for my Henny
I drunk a fifth before I got on the flight
Baby bought me Henny for a surprise!
Wish my Henny came with a side!
Jump out the car, I’m barely walkin’
Opp run up, Glock gon’ pause em
Glock clap like it’s applausin’
These n***as move like “Trapped in The Closet”
(Traps are everywhere)
Who wanna get shot in the face?
She like “Neph why the hell you violent?”
B*t*h I pray that an opp come try me
Jump a b*t*h with my Spanish Mami
B*t*h I came all the way from Garson
They like “Damn Neph you got em!”
Glock (45) Four Fifth make em Ricky Bobby
Walk in that b*t*h free TreyWay Shotti
Throw a b*t*h in the trunk like I’m Shotti
F**k a b*t*h movin like Shotti
(?) to that b*t*h house like Shotti
Free that n***a TreyWay Shotti
Slide thru the hood, rob everybody!
Feel like Shotti or Marcus Garvey
Jump out, snatch the soul outcha body!
Hit a b*t*h in they face with the glick
B*t*h I’m RXK Drugrixh
Thirty make an opp jump the fence
Baby girl said that I wasn’t sh*t
You can blame my mom for that sh*t
(?) got too much work in his car
(?) got too much guns in his car
(?) got crack in draws