Bread Crumbs
I got the glick back the f**k up
Don’t make it hot don’t act the f**k up
I’m booted right now b*t*h don’t make me nervous
Opp n***a died, now they act like he innocent
Judge gon slay me he know I ain't innocent
The opps be pure, they blood be innocent
See me in traffic! This ain't the internet
Shawty keep callin’ like “bae where you at?”

I got the grip back the f**k up
6 ft distance, back the f**k up
Nobody move, nobody get hurt
Drought in the hood nobody got percs
Stuck in the trap she say “it won't work”
Lick on my phone b*t*h back the f**k up!
They waitin’ on me cause they know wa**up
Auntie be blessed when I pull up
Back the f**k up I got the deals
Auntie get credit and pay me in pills
Fake a** demons they know they ain't real
I could look at a perc and tell it ain't real
One look at a opp and know they ain't with it
One look at the work auntie lip twitchin’
Back the f**k up get the f**k out the kitchen!
Food Stamps hit auntie like “come get it”
Walk in that b*t*h like “back the f**k up!”
Price drop down watch em act the f**k up
Juvenile glick back that a** up
Play with me b*t*h ima shoot yo a** up
Look like we in Philly with so many alleys
Im on the bean ion f**k with the addie’s
Police a** n***a talm bout drop a addy!
Dirty a** n***a from the East, Scallywag!
Bae be like “don’t come with yo gun”
Baby mustve did the wrong drugs
Two-Tone tough not goin for none
Ring look like they fried in bread crumbs
Me and slither-her just came from Cali
Look like Uncle Buddy with the Natty
Beat up the pack like a bad step-daddy
B*t*h move like she ain't have no daddy
*onomatopoeia* BOOM BOOM - BOOM
Back the f**k up!
Bean kicked in, my heart start racin’
ADHD, Neph don’t got patience
F**k my teacher she ain't teach me to trap!
My science teacher ain't teach me to cook crack!
Social studies ain't teach me bout that
I’m the trap house Christopher Columbus n***a!
Walk in that b*t*h like the Crack Creator
Government said I’m dangerous for the feds
Area 51 warrants on my head
They said I look like Bossie and Killa Kam
Beat the work with a bat like Marc did Boosie
In the hood like auntie black bread and hot-dogs
14 babies at the trap like (?)
Roaches at the trap like (?) house
Trap house look like BAM house
Side doors look like we sellin’ Juleps
Work taste like lime kiwi Juleps
I’m Neil Armstrong when im on a bean
Think I walked on the moon when it was all in my head
They said that the beans put holes in my head
She like “stay off the beans” HELL NAH!!!
I ain't mean to say it that loud but I mean it
Back the f**k up, glick leave you wet
Head game good baby girl sell neck
Glock hit his head we twist his dreads
Embalming fluid on me like Method Man
Baby girl think that she my momma
Two years old I cursed out my momma
Glick sound like a bald headed momma
30 shot make a b*t*h dance to Gazza