Tuff Tone Tee’D up On Ten
Drugrixh – Forreal
You say you was ridin’ but baby what happened?
You treatin me like you the one out there trappin
Baby get jealous don’t know what she doing
Back to back trappin don’t go to a**umptions
Is yo life gon’ to go on the line for a n***a?
On the dirty my life start to catch up with me
Stuck in the trap she wanna lay up with me
Them hatin a** n***as tryna keep up with me
Don’t know if its you or the Henny right now
I’m hurt in my head right now
I get pulled girl im going in the feds right now
Had a long day need a bed right now
Baby like “Daddy come lay down with me”
I want her to trap and stay down with me
When I ain't with her the tre lb with me
RXK, ain't now clown in mе (RXK)
She tellin’ me how I bе hurtin her feelings
Truth hurt, ima keep it the realest
Over and over, she sayin she with it
(?) oh that’s Big Neph business
They said I was dirty, heartless and relentless
Oh well that’s Big Neph business
That was two-tone tuck that wasn’t me baby
He ain't in the street can’t fool me baby
Baby girl gon’ keep bringing up her ex
Airplane mode I ain't even see the text
Feel like Yak when he slide thru the jects
Walk out that b*t*h they like “damn, whats next?”
When I’m in LA she don’t like how I move
You doing too much ion like how you movin’
Fresh off the plane she like “bae whatchu doing?”
Drunk as f**k, on point to the movement
Fresh as a f**k I’m coolin
Fresh as a f**k, than I was yesterday
Opps down bad look like they had better days
“F**k out the way, get the f**k out the way”
Glock hit a opp like a Push-Start
These n***as never sat down and cooked raw
1.8 that’s a good ball
She know I be trappin’ so she want a Audi
When Im done with trap, b*t*h ima call you
Sittin in the pot, drippin the oil
Ain't no pipe, Unk smoked out a foil
She like “get off the beans Neph, it ain't for you”
Stay out my business cause b*t*h it ain't for you!
*onomatopoeia* Got somn for you! YUH
I’m in LA smokin’ big gas
Cuz want some? Told his a** send the Cashapp
Up that glick like * back that a** up
Glick in his face make him back that a** up
What is yo prices? Trap the f**k up
Trap the f**k out – Run the f**k up
Don’t got the time baby I’m trappin
Had this Glock forever, Johnson Magic
Glock paint a b*t*h head like the Brat head
Glock hitcho head like 2 headbands
Shoot a b*t*h bout my chain like Gucci Mane did
Glock going to work(?) like Gucci Mane did
Kick her out the car like Gucci Mane did
Signed a n***a and diss him like Gucci Mane did