Easy-E Without AIDS
Too many J’z outside and its boomin’
Bring it up, not gon do it
Don’t know sh*t, why the f**k you a**umin’?
Up that glick oh lets do it
Back the f**k up you don’t wanna die
I’m chasin a bag while they living a lie
Walk in that b*t*h with the germicide
Uh uh, this not a wine and dine
Poltergeist at the trap it get scary
Gon head slide, shoot em like he (?)
Pack ain't gone I ain't getting’ a haircut
Walk in the kitchen beat it with her head up
I open my lip you a goner
Walk in scream “Doh” like Homer
These n***as be broke and homeless
Drive any car like it’s a Lotus
They like “where the f**k is you going?”
Mind yo business b*t*h im smoking
Gimme a second b*t*h I gotta roll it
Don’t come round here it’s danger
Glock shoot all angles
Rare form like a white Power Ranger
Don’t wanna hear them stories cause they made up
Glock hit his abs make him crunch up
Pap in the cut rollin stuffed crust
Doing my thing when I’m in it
Chasin’ a bag, f**k being famous
Go back, come back, double back slangin’
(?) from Faceless
Get off the boot and I can't taste it
Ion point fingers ion say names
Alicia Keys Glock opps know my name
He done came up with another stain
Get shot in yo face all over fame
Innocent, get out the way
Unk tryna pick a lock today
It’s hot with twelve on the block today
Spit on twelve like Pac today
I ain't sittin on no damn cot today
Beat a opp with a lock and a sock today
Pull up like Suge pulled up on Dr. Dre
Got demons on me just washed my face
Every f**king day got a Glock today
In a jogger suit like I’m TK
I ain't shave or shower in bout three days
We gon’ break it down, split it three ways
Booted as f**k bout three beans today
Don’t bother me, don’t call me
Glock look like Mark Henry
Glock hit like Bautista
Glock hit like Triple H
This Glock a (?)
Glock frog splash on a opp n***a
Two Twin Glock like the Hardy Boyz
Glock fly thru the air lookin like Sting
Glock make Big Show break the ring
Glock look like M. T
Glock look like B***erbean
Glock look like Mrs. Parker (?)
AR look like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Without the afro, six feet tall
Glock dysfunctional like Lebron
Nina got a**, t**ties and all
Put a opp on they knee like Kaepernick
Take a fifth of Henny, smash it on his head
These n***as move like Nick Cannon with dreads
Before Nick Cannon had neck braids
Had neck braids like Trey Songz
Dark skin with a Glock, singing songs
Cisco Glock *onomatopoeia*
Mix-A-Lot Glock came from Kim Jong
Glock look like L-Money durag
Shot a pedestrian I ain't mean to do that
Im the n***a who punched (?) durag
Throwin’ fours down they like “why you do that?”
I will dump ashes on yo baby mom floor
Your baby mom bad but I won't hit it raw
Slitherman got 18 step kids
I meet Eve, I’m taking the rent from that b*t*h
Ima walk in that b*t*h like it’s Armageddon
They tryna lock us up like (?)
Pushin’ Unk in the wheelchair like Riko Reckless
These n***as got Jennifer Hudson little necklaces
My Glock look like all the f**kin’ wrestlers
Glock look like the whole Tyler Perry cast
Mask on my face like Jim Carrey had
Been had a mask, I’m Jim Carrey dad
That lil gun? I ain't scared of that
They like “what the f**k, why you carry that?”
Ima walk in like the mayor back
Name a price, take care of that
This a** whoopin, you gon’ wear that
Bobby Johnson neck braids on my back
They wanna talk but not bout that
This blunt taste like pork chops and bacon fat
This Henny taste like a Lunchables snack
Might change my black shirt, to put on all black
Black 1’s on like Curtis Snow
“We still, we still” *onomatopoeia*
This Backwood get my biceps stronger
This Henny ah get my forearms stronger
I ain't lifting sh*t but a bottle of Henny
I ain't picking sh*t up and puttin’ things down
F**k Arnold Shwarzene- ion even like him now
Ima walk off in that b*t*h like “The Terminator”
Glock split his head like split Now And Laters
Yo swag nastier than Milk-Duds
I ain't going out like Mosey and rapin b*t*hes
I ain't R Kelly I ain't gon take it for free
Free Cosby, even though he was sedatin’ b*t*hes
Turn yo phone off hoe I ain't playin with b*t*hes
Yo b*t*h think ion know that she takin pictures
Lil Glock knock the cable off yo roof
Repo yo couch like Rent-A-Center do
Talkin’ bout it, that’s not what killa do
Chase the Henny? That’s not what Henny drinkers do
Grandma told me “think I don’t think bout killing you?”
Buggin’ the f**k out when I’m on a blue
Walk in grandma house, blunt hangin out my lip
*onomatopoeia* Make em jump the fence
Smoke this backwood like rest in peace Fred the Godson
Down bad, f**k it then we gon’ rob him
My Glock is the best beatboxer
That b*t*h beat better than Biz Markie
I got more friends than E-40
Got hoes like I’m from the Bay with Lil B
Ima die with a hunnid-thousand b*t*hes on me
Walk in and I’m blacked the f**k out on a bean
I’m swearin right now but that cause of the E
I done lost my voice again I need tea