50 Shades Of Yay
Walk in the kitchen like “what are you doing?”
Yeen gotta ask what the fuck I’m doing
Arm in the pot, I whip up rent
I don’t know whatchu thought, I’m the real Drugrixh
Baby girl can you stand the rain?
When it get dark we go through pain
Her body be shakin’ I know that she came
Take her outside and fuck in the rain
Don’t cut on the light ima keep on my chain
Her daddy don’t like me, he know that I’m gang
New Edition Glock came in a case
You know that I got it by the look on my face
Ima walk you upstairs ima grab you by the waist
Ima do it real slow, put kisses on yo face
New Breed Trapper, I ain’t going on a date
I said that I love you my love ain’t fake
Told lil baby make it last
Slow down, you movin’ too fast
I’m high shе throwin it back
She got a perfect body
Shе on the percs and molly
Theres sweat all on our bodies
Oh, crack a window it’s getting hot
I get deep in she like “daddy stop”
I keep on whippin’ ima break the pot
Don’t do my laundry, dope in my socks
Hit it with a jab like I box
Slow it down, hold up baby
Give me a sec, lemme roll up baby
I think the troopers they on us baby
Speed up, bend a corner baby
Yeen gotta remind me, I’m on it baby
Had a long day, get on yo stomach baby
Gon’ head, tell me how you want it baby
I’ll never switch up on ya baby
I’ve been quarantined for Corona baby
Come and teach ya how to serve a quarter baby
All sunny days gon’ be bright
On baby I could change yo life
Lemme know baby whatchu like
Ion do Facetime, no Skype
I used to trap on my bike
Knew them dark times gon’ get bright
Baby come love me tonight
Baby come fuck me tonight
Baby come suck me tonight
I really wanna come love you tonight
I really wanna come fuck you tonight
Skinny n***a, throw yo ass in the air
She love my PSD underwear
Walk through the door like “Daddy here”
Bought me some 1’s and bought her a pair
Yuh, I’m on the boot, round two
Chuck Lidel, put her in submission
It’s hot as fuck ion like kissin’
She wearin’ panties, doing dishes
Lil Mama said she gon grant my wishes
She said she havin’ dreams bout fishes
She said her last man we was different
I fuck up, I’m tryna fix it
Nobody like you, girl you different
You the New Edition, you the new shit
Girl I’m fine with you don’t need a new bitch
Don’t you ever think about some new dick
Who the fuck you gon’ find who’s down like me?
Who gon’ rub on yo back come kiss you like me?
Who gon’ cuddle with you till you fall asleep?
That’s only Auntie who callin’ me
If it ain’t a lick, girl you all I got
If it ain’t you girl then it’s the pot
If you kick me out girl I’m at the spot
With my mask on with a big Glock
Like “fuck the world” I’m boutta blow the spot
All sunny days gon’ be bright
Baby girl you’re just my type
I’ll never trade you, you’re my life
Used to pull up on you on my bike
Real Drugrixh not the other type
We making love after every fight
I love lil mama she my type
If I didn’t have you girl I ain’t got shit
Just my fork and just my wrist
Growing up, I ain’t really have shit
Going to jail, couldn’t keep no bitch
Every bitch left me in the pen
Every envelope, paper and pen
They ain’t write a n***a back for shit
Them sunny day’s gon’ be bright
Yuh, Baby girl you just my type