I Forgot The Beat
All my opps play PS5
All my opps play 2K
They drive hoopties
Them n***as' Timbs and shoes and feets got miles on 'em
They all got creases in every pair of shoes
All my opps be survivin' off of bacon, egg and cheese
All my opps got bald spots in they head, damn near
N***as in they thirties
All my opps smoke crack, them n***as look like-
They don't smoke crack? They on the verge of smokin' crack
All my opps is f**kin' sad

[Verse 1]
These n***as broke, they ain't got no hoes
Opps look like they shop at Marshalls
Opps ain't got no car to park it
Big-for-nothin', creatine-a** n***as
These n***as in the housе, they be wifeys
In 2021, thеy still fightin'
These grown-a** men want Facebook likes
I will kill you and give you Facebook likes
They gon' say you was misunderstood
They gon' say your grandma protected you from the hood
Put a n***a next to his dead moms
Disrespect a n***a dead moms
N***a out my mind, make her sell pu**y
These n***as go to jail and be pu**y
These n***as use the phone when they can
These n***as come home with tuna cans
These n***as come home in jail boots
These n***as got fake-a** jail stories
These n***as ride around in old Camrys
How the f**k you're bald, still live with his parents?
How the f**k your shirt not even name brand?
Look at the beam on the Glock, name brand
My boxers and socks name brand
These n***as share clothes with other men
All my opps be bumpin' my songs
They like, "Why you still diss me in your songs?"
N***a wanna fight, 'bout to get shot
Pap buyin' Margielas with the Glock
Pap pull out the Glock like Mission: Impossible
Glock go everywhere, Mission: Impossible
I don't give a goddamn if the mission impossible!
This lil' a** Glock is unstoppable!
All the opps at the gym tryna work out
Runnin' up on Neph, it won't work out
Boy, this Glock that I got is undefeated
These n***as cuffin' up b*t*hes with waves
These n***as linkin' up and gettin' robbed
These n***as gettin' ran off they block
Slap the f**k out your granddad!
F**k you and your dead mans!
These n***as went to special ed school
These n***as got certificates from [?]
I really broke in sh*t like [?]
These n***as in they thirties, can't even read
These n***as' b*t*h suck d**k for Chinese
These n***as 6'5" with tight jeans
These n***as catchin' hand-to-hand sales
I'ma call this sh*t "[?]: Part Two"
I'ma flip QP like Tae Kwon Do
I'ma name this sh*t "Q Rich"
Got my name in your mouth like a big d**k
Take your b*t*h OT, let her suck d**k
My bags look like Jasmine forehead
Straight drop look like jasmine rice
Up that thirty, I ain't tryna fight
Made [?] spin on his head that night
I'ma loop the beat
I'ma loop the beat, 'cause I know the opps be watchin'
They be listenin'; they got—they got the— in they cars and sh*t?
They got that cord with the tape that you put in the tape player
You know what I'm sayin'? They listenin' to my sh*t
Them n***as subscribed (Uh-oh!), so I'ma loop this sh*t
The beat—the beat got looped
The beat got looped
These n***as out here breakin' down roaches, rollin' them sh*ts up
These n***as—these n***as never seen—
These n***as—these n***as is ashy like Boosie!

[Verse 2]
These n***as, all day, laid up with hoes
These n***as politickin' 'bout clothes
These n***as sellin Percs one by one
I will shoot you n***as one by one
Y'all n***as look like hoes with y'all guns
Slidin' through that b*t*h like Lil Tray Tray
BOOM! Dreads everywhere
R-R-RAH! Muscles everywhere
AR look like it go to Planet Fitness
Glock look like it go to Planet Fitness
.357 be benchpressin'
Compact .40 got triceps
Hunting knife, put it through your abs
These n***as move like AR-Ab
They say they slimes, they don't wash they a**
F**k that, b*t*h, I'm 'bout to black!
Uppercut, duck, weave and jab!
Jump out my sleep and beat your a**!
I will beat your a** like the darkskin [?]!
Ain't no round three, shoot the sh*t out your a**!
All my opps shop at the mall at Marshalls!
These n***as don't want they girl to divorce 'em!
Glock look like a fat b*t*h named Portia!
Slide through [?]!
Every one of 'em goners!
I ain't tryna go broke, Adrien Broner!