Dark Noise
Drinking this Henny, don't think I'mma quit
I'm whippin the corner, drunk as a b*t*h
Chain match the rings, rings match the wrist
Work don't come back, throwin' a fit
I ain't got my scales, see ya later
Juiceman rapping about now and laters
These runtz taste like ?
? an opp on his head, need a empanada
Trap got prices like Tree Dollar
Knock knock knock, knock out ya momma
Up that glick, on ya father
Slap the f**k out ya baby momma
Hell naw, I ain't coming down
Where's the lick? Wanna rob him now
Walk in that b*t*h, dark-skinned Chris Brown
Gttt gttt gttt gttt gtt gtt
B*t*h, where's the work at?
Give me the ghost and the work yo a**
These n***as on roofs with hard hats
Naw don't tell, n***a stop all that
Every time you see me, throwing down fours
Walk in the trap, throw the stove
Jump off the kitchen table, punch the microwave
Very faithful, never cheat on the stove
I told the scale, "You the only one I got"
Let no one else use you, b*t*h, you a thot
Don't work for nobody but me and the block
Beat up the pot like a racist cop
Walk in the courtroom, suck d**k
My lawyers said I don't like to listen
I blow trial, put a bounty on 'em
I was with [?] and bountyhunters
Money rack green like I'm [?]
Slap my baby mom like I'm G Herbo
Beat a b*t*h up like I'm Lil Reese
They said I was ashy as Chief Keef
They said I was wacker than Ballout
I wish all my opps' teeth fall out
I wish all my opps was in a wheelchair
I wish my opps' mom in a nursing home
Break a n***a jaw, break out the bone
Break a n***a whole bone structure
Break a n***a bones like Bonecrusher
Walk out that b*t*h like Punisher
This watch real, I ain't Ace Hood
Trap wacker than Ace Hood
Trap doing numbers like Ace Hood album
Your trap move slow like Blake Money album
This crack selling like Drake new album
Molly jumping like a City Girls album
Straight drop sell like DMX album
I'm the first one make crack taste like oxtails
Crack look like a lil girl with pigtails
Henny be f**king up my white cells
Walk in that b*t*h like Dragon Tales
Get on the beat and say what I want
Yo b*t*h' coke got thirty minute high
This coke got two hour high
Trap look like Hills Have Eyes
I'm Jet Li when he caught that fly
Fresh as f**k, I ain't even trying
Thirty seven piece combo, beat it blind
Pyong skrrt boom, keep it in mind
See a opp, b*t*h, I'm on demon time
Hell naw, I ain't coming down
My b*t*h said I remind her of Chris Brown
Walk in that b*t*h, another round
Every other day outta town
This sh*t will get bad
Her a** fat, she ain't even bad
Bend it over, clap it for a bag
Come on, b*t*h, face with a bag
Broke n***a wanna talk 'bout what he had
Just smoked a thirty five hundred in a bag
I was off a molly when I got my license
Kill a n***a, make his sister write me
These n***as getting n***as in indictment
This new batch taste like jambayala
This Henny taste like coquito
Bags fat like XanMarino
3 XT like XanMarino
They said I was ugly as XanMarino
Braids on my neck like XanMarino
Durag on like Mike Jones
Whip up the pot like cyclone
Walk in like Kodak my clone
I got the hookup with two phones
I was dirtier than Dirty Jerome
Dirtier than Dirty D with the clothes
Dirty D dirty with the toast
These runtz taste like burnt toast
My b*t*h look like oatmeal and toast
Smell like Lysol at the stove
Aunt cleaning, Comet on the floor
Work too strong, vomit on the floor
Backwood hittin', it hurt my dome
Jump a n***a jaw, break every bone
This beat longer than a muthaf**ka
[?] Next Friday like Chris Tucker
Punch a b*t*h in they d**k suckers
What you learn? What you get from it?
B*t*h thick but ain't got no stomach
Pound of this cost twenty three hundred
Work taste like, dumplings
1 o'clock, I ain't even hungry
Drinking Henny on a empty stomach
Smoking runtz on a empty stomach
Yo pockets look like a empty stomach
One point five, give me a hundred
Look at my chain, put Ripley on it
Locked in a cell, they ain't send me nothing
Talk to the water like Timmy Turner
Strapped the f**k up with a mini burner
Thirty four, thirty four, Mondo Burger
Straight drop look like a Mondo Burger
[?] that b*t*h like a Mondo Burger