Hunnit For Anyone
I got too much on my plate but you ain’t gettin’ sh*t
Ol’ scary a** n***a you better hit a lick
Auntie beggin’ for some free sh*t, risked my life for this
You see this heat that’s on my hip b*t*h might get life for this
B*t*h I got Slitherher with me and she gon’ die for this
B*t*h we might double back and rob em on some petty sh*t
Beat down my trap, don’t need a key ain’t gon let me in
If you ain’t put the work I put in I ain’t expectin sh*t
I front my homie some (?) he ain’t know how to move it
I walk in “Back the f**k up” you know what I’m doing
I told that n***a “don’t play with me, go play PS5”
I told that b*t*h “I need some work, don’t buy no PS5”

I told him get some money, f**k a PS5
B*t*h I’m feelin’ like I’m Hitler, start a genocide
B*t*h I’m RXK forreal b*t*h I don’t play bout mines
You can fool them other people but I know yo kind
Bummy b*t*hes wanna be me, they ain’t on my time
Slitherher is not the type to do the wine and dine
Ain’t got nothing going for him, tryna steal the shine
I will kill you where you stand and that is not a lie
Tried to put her on so she ain’t have to f**k for free
Told em “it’s gon’ take a lot, you tryna to f**k with me”
Put a n***a in his spot, I’ma put him on his feet
Said he the man around his way but we don’t know his team
Said he the man around the way but we still rob him
Soon as they let me out the cage b*t*h I was back robbin’
That n***a think he Master P like he bout it bout it
30 hit em’ make him dance like guala guala
They gon (mental hygiene?) me I got mental problems
I tell a n***a “suck a d**k” and he ain’t did sh*t bout it
I walk in the dark skin Marlon Wayans, who want a problem?
My momma told me a lot of sh*t but ain’t listen to my momma
Sometimes I think that I need help cause I talk to myself
Thinking all this crazy sh*t, it’s hard to deal with myself
CJ, San Andreas, I might heal myself
Don’t need no doctor to prescribe me, I pop pills myself

B*t*h I wanna kill but I won’t kill myself
The voices loud as a f**k, I can’t hear myself
Poppin’ beans so a b*t*h could really heal herself
I hope them carbon copy b*t*hes know they killed theyself
Don’t bring up Slitherher unless you wanna kill yourself
Feeling like Who The Hell Is Carlo when I’m off the pills
Ain’t no choosin’ n***as, we ain’t doin deals
Wheel of Fortune 30 on me, gon’ head and spin the wheel