The Real Lil Reese
I call this the crack house
Stop flexing your muscles, JRDN

Baby, you bad, but I'm focused on trappin'
In and out, daddy gon' make it happen
You act like you the one out there trappin'
New breed trapper, I ain't into no cappin'
Baby complain 'bout all of that bullsh*t
Out the trap all day, you just doin' sh*t
Glick on my hip, that's what big Neph coolin' with
Raised by a G, so you know you ain't foolin' me
Back the f**k up with that foolery
Bae want a bag, don't give a damn 'bout no jewelry
Get caught with this glick, get crucified
Got licks to go hit, can't come for the night
She like, "Get out the streets, stop dealing with white
These n***as ain't for you," I'm like, "You're right"
She know wherе I'm from, baby girl my type
Dealin' with unc, I ain't tryin' type
Baby girl tеxtin' and ask 'bout my day
Baby, you bad, I'll tell you to your face
Walk in that b*t*h like Pootie Tang
She like, "Ooh, you so smooth, do your thang"
Baby cannot trick a trickster
Neph not lackin', like the old Lil Mister
She talkin' 'bout songs how I dissed her
She in her feelings, I don't kiss her
Ayy, swag I got, no comparison
Told the ho's, "It's not on you, it's in you"
Canon on me like I'm shootin' for pictures
Look like I'm shootin' for Paramount Films
Cla**ic dope, like Polaroid films
Pull over quick, eat me up at Kwik Fill
Walk in the trap, doin' drills since the big wheels
Baby, don't make Slitherman get crazy
Unc want 1.8, he got 80
OT Charger, b*t*h, 350 for a beta
Thick a** b*t*h from Decatur
Maino Glock, up it, hi hater
B*t*h Guyanese and half Malaysian
Money ain't right, I'll see you later
She like, "Don't change, just stay the same"
I'm like, "I thought you wanted me to change?"
Hop in the Benz, drinkin' Henny to be 'sane
Drinkin' a gallon every other day
Take a toll on my body, see it in my face
They like, "Neph, don't let 'em kill you"
Strap the f**k up, she like, "Bae, I feel you"
You say that you hit and leave, I kill you
It's a .30 on this b*t*h, this not no Dillinger
Ayy, baby girl said that I'm way too slithery
They locked me up, they gon' get rid of me
Leave it in the past, it's just a memory
I'm a rapper now, Unc like, "You remember me?"
I cannot forget times at the trap
On the air mattress 'til it was flat
She cookin' me noodles and rubbin' my back
Ayy, baby like, "Neph, you're gorgeous"
Got two daughters, they gorgeous
Phone keep ringin', jake keep callin'
She like, "I love how you think, Neph, you the best"
Glock send his a** to cardiac arrest
Glock sound like DJ Khaled, we the best
Glock got a dumb body like DJ Khaled
Pocket out of shape like DJ Khaled
Unc healthy as f**k, don't need no salad
Glock hit your body, do fat transfers
Glock look like a washed up stripper dancer
Glock look like a b*t*h from Charlotte named Nancy
Glock turn you to crazy legs when he dancin'
Glock sound like Who The Hell Is Carlo
Glock turn a Ford Focus to a Monte Carlo
Walk in with the Glock like a Henny bottle
Glock look like a pizza with stuffed crust
Glock look like Buffy, the body is buff
Nerf Glock like it came from Toys-R-Us
Glock look like a pair of black Uggs
They like, "Neph, that's enough 'bout the Glock"
You looked through my phone, that's enough 'bout the thots
Step in the trap, punch the f**k out the pot
I'ma switch it up, rap 'bout AR-15's
AR look like a Swiffer mopper
AR dust the ceiling in this b*t*h
Big dumb AR look like Wendy Williams
Lil' Kim Glock, I might fully equip it
Shiny a** Glock look like Lil' Kim
Beat an opp 'til he look like Lil' Kim
Like The Weeknd, beat your cheek bones in
I'm Kanye when he met Taylor Swift
Snatch the mic out your hand and talk my sh*t
I'm Kanye talkin' 'bout slavery
Feel like Kanye, whole hood hatin' me
I'm the new Kanye when he off his meds
I think Kanye got cloned by the feds
Go out like Kanye, sacrifice my mama
Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her whole house
Modern day Prince without his a** out
I'm Mike off the beans until I pa** out
Ask to hit my Henny, might punch you in your jaw
Gallon of Henny break a b*t*h jaw
B*t*h like, "Uh-uh, you drinking Henny?"
I don't drink Moët, that sh*t have me p*ssy
What I look like? "In Da Club" 50?
Most of these b*t*hes be moving ditzy
Right wrist in the pot, like Jim Jones and Chrissy
I might take my b*t*hes on Love & Hip-Hop
Spit on the police, like 2Pac
They thought my trap wouldn't jump like Soulja
If I tell you my story, it sound like Soulja Boy
That time he was booted up talkin' to Vlad
He was tellin' my story, he was talkin' 'bout that
I'ma talk about Henny when I interview with Vlad
This Henny taste like a purple popsicle
This Henny taste like Pop Rocks when I was little
This Henny remind me of my crackhead uncle
Henny taste like neckbone stew
This Henny taste like fat off of bacon
This Henny taste like pork rinds and pig feet
This Henny taste better than Grandma's food
Henny taste like Tropicana orange juice
This Henny taste like a whole lot
This Henny taste gooder than a f**k
This Henny, the Henny fresher than me
This Henny so good
I offered it to the thots, she said she ain't want no Henny
I'm like, "B*t*h, you too bougie for Henny?"
I'ma loop the beat, b*t*h (B*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h)
B*t*h wanna watch Love & Basketball
What the f**k I'ma get out of watching that?
I'd rather watch your OnlyFans
You want me to pay what? A gram?
Give a b*t*h some coke, get the whole team head
B*t*h better use her feet like Flintstone Fred
American Dad Glock, like Roger head
Don't ask 'bout my mom and pops, they dead
When I was young, I loved cornering the children
Poltergeist at the trap, that's my only friend
Put an opp in the corner, on timeout
I look like Scorpion, rip your spine out
B*t*h wanna go watch Mortal Kombat
B*t*h, my wrist in the pot, hand-to-hand combat
Wish I went to the army, ran off with guns
If I was from Chiraq, would've had fun
Sometimes I wish I was from 63rd
Opps hate me like I'm from 63rd
I was really in the field, I'm not Lil Durk
They like, "Neph, why you always mention Lil Durk?"
I don't even like that n***a face
Bean got me 'bout to sh*t, like Lil Reese
They was never outside, like Chief Keef
Whole life I've been fresher than Chief Keef
I was dirtier than the John Madden video
Look like I was in the chief John Madden video
Ain't even have a shirt, so I ain't wear one
I feel like Fredo Santana turnt up
Only n***a I like is Fredo Santana
All that n***a rap about is killin' people
He OD'd on drugs, I can relate
Feel like I'm 'bout to overdose every day
Off twenty E-pills for myself
Whole gallon of Henny by myself
I told JRDN, "Flex your muscles on this"
This Henny, I'm flexin' my muscles with this
I'ma lift this Henny, get my triceps right
How much this weigh? It got my biceps right
Take off my shirt, look like Juandissimo
Get a n***a b*t*h pregnant like Juandissimo
Your baby look like me, like she Poof
Talk to the fish like Timmy Turner do
I look at the bowl, it's just me and you
I wish to the bowl like Timmy Turner do
I walk in that b*t*h like Chip Skylark
B*t*h talkin' 'bout she love my shiny a** teeth
I'ma make a song 'bout her pretty a** feet
She like, "it's been three days, Neph, get in the shower"
I'm like, "Hold the f**k up, b*t*h”, I wrote sh*t out
I'm like, "B*t*h, you a home health aide who wipe a**"
You talkin' 'bout upgrading to wipe more a**
What hospital you work at so you can wipe my a**?
And I'ma pay for that with my Medicaid
B*t*h talkin' 'bout "When tax time come"
B*t*h, what the f**k is your social security number?
B*t*h, what's your mama's social security number?
I told my b*t*h we all that we got
With that being said, let me rob yo' pops
I told that b*t*h, "Let's try cocaine"
She like, "How I feel, Neph, I never did it"
I'm like, "Nevermind, try this gray sh*t"
She thought it was a Perc, it was Fentanyl
I be Bobby Brown, you be Whitney Houston
Sacrifice my wife like I'm Bobby Brown
Get my bae mom killed like P. Diddy
Beat the sh*t out my side b*t*h, Chris Brown
Give a b*t*h black eyes like Dr. Dre
Break in a b*t*h house like OJ
They can't stop me like Mike Vick
Go to jail, come home, do the same sh*t
Catch a body, beat it, like Rey Mysterio
Die in a Holiday Inn like Eddie Guerrero
My b*t*h like, "Neph, don't go get in the tub"
She like, "Get in the shower, stand up"
I'm like, "B*t*h, rest in peace Bobbi Kristina
I'ma die in the tub, like Bobbi Kristina"
She like, "Neph, why you talkin' 'bout dyin'?"
B*t*h, I'm Kanye with that white family
B*t*h, I'm Travis Scott with that white family
B*t*h got box braids thinkin' she Brandy
B*t*h from DR sendin' money to her family
She think we gon' survive off baklava
Spanish b*t*h survivin' off rice and beans
I ate oxtails, she was mad at me
She like, "How the f**k you got oxtails?"
From my Jamaican b*t*h who up the street
I got more baby mamas than Peter Gunz
They should put me on that TV show Cheaters
B*t*h ask for my Instagram
I'm like, "B*t*h, you can follow me on Tinder"
Don't trust your home girls, they on Tinder
Her mama talkin' 'bout she seen me on Tinder
Seven sugar mamas, I met 'em on Tinder
I used to wanna f**k Waka Flocka mom
Do me like you did Juice and put me on
Let me and Pap do sh*t like French and Gucci
Walk in that b*t*h like a wrestler
Unc punch mailman out 'bout the stimulus
Don't know who I am, I'm not a citizen
Don't trust him if he can't stop fidgetin'
I want a bean, not no damn Ritalin
I was locked up missin' E-pills
I missed Henny more than my family
Henny the only one who understand me
Henny was there, I was suicidal
Henny was there when I had my baby
Henny was there when my grandma raised me
Henny was there when I robbed my plug
Gallon of Henny plus other drugs
Big Neph the reason her nose stuffed
Walk past the trap, it closed up
Beat up the pot 'til it black out
They tried to blackball and chastise
Hold on, let me fix my hat right
Took an OT, she can't act right
Backspin kick, hit her with act right
B*t*h keep talkin' 'bout the last time
This not the same Henny from last time
If I'm sober I can't really rap right (RXK)
Ayy (I call this the crack house)
Holdin' that Henny like I'm arm wresting
I love this Henny, I can't lie
Henny taste like a deluxe burger with fries (Stop flexing your muscles, JRDN)
Henny taste like a Dutch style Backwood
3.5 Backwood taste like Henny
Henny taste like a 3.5
3.5 is some fire, fire, fire
Come to the side, get a 2.9
Unc only sniff coke, but I made her smoke crack
She like, "Since I met you, my life was never the same"
At the rehabilitation sellin' cocaine
I hate who the f**k invented rehab
I feel like Famous Dex gettin' high again
Obama was never black, they lied again
They should've said that was just their Hawaiian friend
F**k a rap battle, I'm the real Lion's Den
I'ma walk in that b*t*h like a battle rapper
I used to be broker than battle rappers
With no swag like a New Jersey battle rapper
They said I was washed up like Murda Mook
Never met a grown man that called himself a mook
More white tees than Loaded Lux do
Why the f**k Sean Garrett started singin'?
Walked in that b*t*h, f**ked your b*t*h to Serani
Unc detailed the call, like he Lexani
Why you movin' like that? The molly
Never heard of Future when it comes to the molly
Neph on the road, like an eighteen-wheeler
If they catch me, they gon' clone me like I'm Oprah
They gon' brainwash me like I'm Oprah
Replace my brain like I'm Tyler Perry
Step in booted off eight different drugs
Off the damn cut, got her nose stuffed up
Tie a b*t*h to the back of the car and drag it
Doin' devil's work since Dragon Tales
I'ma order some pizza, the thot got hungry
We gon' bump my tape while I play with the Luigi
Glock look like a fat b*t*h in a bikini
Glock make you dance dumber than P. Diddy
Papoose a dumb n***a for holdin' that b*t*h down
These hoes will run you dry and break you down
B*t*h, get out of my face, I'm fresh with my brother
B*t*h actin' up, b*t*h, we'll jump ya
Glock scream louder than Afro Thunder
This Henny like a drip, a cold to the brain
I don't want that weed, I don't know that strain
I feel like the n***a who freed the slaves
Sometimes I feel like they never freed the slaves
I feel like the n***a who planned 9/11
I feel like the n***a who hated the government
F**k food stamps and f**k the government
Donald Trump know the whole hood bought work with it
First stimulus, I bought a gun with it
Second stimulus, I bought drugs with it
They talkin' 'bout a fourth and fifth one comin'
Auntie talkin' 'bout a seventh one comin'
Pandemic over, they ain't ballin' no more
Auntie got twelve-hundred three times in a row
Five minutes, she came three times in a row
She said the straight drop taste like yams
I might go on the 'Gram and f**k on a fan
She like, "Neph, stop f**kin' your female fans"
They said that's the same sh*t R. Kelly did
Ayy, Unc think he R. Kelly at the trap
Unc tryna buy some young pu**y
Twelve-hundred dollars for one cookie
You're stressin' me out, you're buggin' me, b*t*h
C.T.M.B., can't trust me, b*t*h
See this b*t*h on my hip? I up that ho
Me and her hit licks, never f**ked that ho
Baby like, "Damn, you don't get sick?"
Always turnt, don't know what withdrawal is
I get a headache, pop another bean
Sh*t in the morning on Hennessy
Henny got me sh*ttin' like Lil Reese
Bean got me 'bout to sh*t, like Lil Reese
I done lost my voice like Lil Reese
Used to share clothes like Durk and Lil Reese
Lost weight, I was skinny as Lil Reese
Seen an opp, made him sh*t like Lil Reese
Hit a lick, sh*ttin' on 'em, like Lil Reese
PSD draws lookin' like Lil Reese's
They like, "Neph, you sh*t like Lil Reese"
Glock hit you like the n***a who made Reese sh*t
Two-tone Glock like Lil Reese draws
Glock hit you like Lil Reese, knock you out your draws
On the phone while I'm sh*ttin' like Lil Reese
Can't forget my gun like Lil Reese
Twelve behind me almost sh*tted like Lil Reese
They some fake a** reapers like Lil Reese
Walk in like the old GBE
They thought I'd fall off like SD
Glock kiss an opp like Birdman
'Bout a hundred times robbed the Perc man
Shoot a b*t*h in they neck like Lil Reese
Jump on a b*t*h face like Lil Reese
Won't let the label do me like Lil Reese
Won't blow on a feature like Lil Reese
Matter fact, I should name this song "Lil Reese"
'Cause I sh*tted on this like Lil Reese
This loud smell like Lil Reese when he sh*tted
Rest in peace King Von
Ayy, b*t*h, I got more friends than E-40
Had little a** dreads like E-40
See the gallon with me, got three on me
I'ma walk in that b*t*h, 2-tone Tuff Tony
2-tone Tuff drunk as f**k in this b*t*h
Tuff Tone light spliffs in the club
2-tone Tuff Tony got the glick in the club
2-tone Tuff Tony T'd up in this b*t*h
2-tone Tuff the reason that they sniffin'
Back the f**k up, 2 Tuff Tony in the kitchen
When 2 Tuff Tony get turnt, it get different
2 Tuff Tony not turnin' down nothin'
2 Tuff put a sign on the door, don't touch the knob
2 Tuff Tony, he kick in your door
2 Tuff Tony be off of cocaine
Tony be on all kinds of drugs
I'll f**k your motherf**kin' a**, okay?
2 Tuff Tony I am
I sended Joey to get his a** whacked
2 Tuff Tony got mob ties
The Backwood not lickle bloodclaat I'm high
Take your ring like Teddy Bruckshot
Lickle-a** Glock sound like Mavado
You not wanna romp with the cocaine
Up that Glock, like konichiwa!
Auntie at the side door, "Give me ten minutes"
I cook a deuce up in ten minutes
I deliver five minutes
How you want it?
I deep-fry cocaine for you
I'm fresh as f**k
I talk to the opps like, "You need duck sauce?"
I'm the reason they ran out of all the sauce
Yeah, I told the plug I'ma see him mañana
Talk to the plug like "Shishilevi?"
Don't ask Big Neph, I don't know what that means
When it comes to drug dealing, I speak different languages
I will speak Vietnamese in this b*t*h
I will speak Swahili in this b*t*h
Got the same missiles the Koreans got
B*t*h, I'm the brand new Eric Snowden
I'm a real reptile, not Zuckerberg
Trap jump like it's ran by Zuckerberg
Catch an opp, do his a** like Yung Berg
This Henny taste like mango Pepsi
When I don't know what to rap 'bout, I talk 'bout Henny
When I don't know what to rap 'bout, I diss the industry
I'm not the n***a who will work at Kennedy's
I'm not the n***a who will sell an eighth
B*t*h suck d**k, came back with an eighth
F**k the lick, thirty minutes only got an eighth
B*t*h smoked 'bout thirty eighth's today
B*t*h smoked Newports and Black & Milds too
That's the same sh*t Rihanna eye black and blue
Put a b*t*h on the flight, send her back home
She like, "Neph, calm down, why you Tuff Tony?"
2 Tuff Tony with a thot on a Tuesday
2 Tuff Tony got no ceiling, like Tunechi
2 Tuff Tony got more ho's than two times two
I'ma f**k on a b*t*h in a sixty dollar telly Jacuzzi
Big Neph in the shower with his socks off
Look like Nelly in that movie with his socks off
You can say what you want, get your rocks off
Work at Mickey D, the same as picking cotton balls
Dumb b*t*h talkin' 'bout "She goin' to college"
Now she in debt talkin' 'bout her problems
I got better credit than everybody I know that went to college
B*t*h, and I worked at the trap
I'ma put an escort house in my name
I hate the judge, lawyers, and DA's