Dark Man Xtacsy
She wanna f**k, she just want the glory
F**k out my face, whatchu did for me?
In and out of town, baby I’m touring
I say I came out the mud, cause I did
Walk in that b*t*h she like “Where you been?”
I know she envy, misunderstood, I know they don’t get me
Won't let em get me, Ima get out that sh*t even if it get’s sticky
F**k yo problems, you ain’t grindin’
Get on yo D’s, stop with the whinin’
I speak how I feel they say that’s my problem
Kick a b*t*h out I ah see you mañana
From the slums forreal
All that backwood hustling sh*t done forreal
B*t*h can’t fool me, have me tricked up, sh*t done forreal
Spin thе block hit a opp with a five piece now hе done forreal
Whatchu gon’ tell me? I do not want yo work you can't sell it to me
Don’t bring that up, don’t tell it to me
These fake a** gangsta’s be Teletubbies
My b*t*h the lightskin version of Keisha from “Belly”
Up that pole put that b*t*h to his belly
Came out the womb war ready, back the f**k up you don’t want this
(?) back end and the front end
Pull up my whip get parked (?)
Before I fear a n***a, I be scared of the dark
I hate lookin’ in the mirror
This drake paint a picture clearer
Don’t bring it up, you wasn’t here
Walk in like the man of the year
Wake up, I’m my own boss
Do what the f**k I want at my cost
Hell nah I ain’t making a TikTok!
Still got that sh*t make a b*t*h lip lock
Don’t ask me to do it, that sh*t don’t fit me
I drop these songs like Unk buys 50’s
Unk got paid want a big a** 50
B*t*h bad as sh*t but she silly
Ima hit this dope, relax my mind
Gotta go to work, pardon my grind
Work for myself, she know my kind
B*t*h scared ima tell her lies
Only lie when it’s court time
Lie to the judge, ion want that time
Ain’t gon’ lie to you, cause you fine
What do they want? What does she want?
What do he want? Slap the f**k out him!
90 days, hit the trap, pull a truck out it
Look at the pot, beat the deuce out it!
N***a got his chain took, what he gon’ do bout it?
N***a can’t fight? Then he best shoot bout it
Do a drill on a bike like the trap Ghost Rider
They say money bring hoe out em
He snitchin? Ion know bout it
I ain’t hatin’ on nobody
I shoot the sh*t outta him
Why the f**k did they bother him?
Get out the car, you ain’t gon die with him
They say the demons tryna show signs to him
Ima demon stop tryna find (?) in him