In Calls Only
(Yeah, baby)
(I f**k wit' you, for real)
(I love you like this Henny)
(Yeah, for real)

[Verse 1]
God need you in the morning like Henny
White One's on, I ain't buyin' no Fendi
Fresh off the plane like, "Babe, come get me"
She like, "Neph, you too fly, where the hoes at?"
[?] f**k wit' you, how you ain't know that?
F**k with lil mama like throwbacks
Gettin' head while I'm smokin' on a Newport
I'ma walk in that b*t*h like [?]
She f**k wit' me, want meet me mama
Her brother and ex don't want problems
Don't tell me to get 'em, I got 'em
N***a talkin' when I coulda shot 'em
I came from the mud, for real
I f**k wit' you girl, you the one, for real
Yeah (Yeah, yeah, for real)
I [?] her back
She want me to choke her but I ain't kinky
Walk in, way more drip than Pinky
Thumb in the b***, rub the clit with my pinky
Hit from the back, she suckin' my fangers
She want go again, I can't blame her
Walk in that b*t*h, put her on her neck
She ain't got no smell, might give her the neck
Baby [?]
She want eat me up after I hit a lick
Auntie callin' while she eatin' the d**k
We gon' go to Auntie house and f**k in her room
Three point five, I could rent Auntie room
She jump up on top and the whole body move
Throw a b*t*h in the trunk like Treyway Shotti do
I f**k wit' you girl, I ain't gon' lie to you
Yeah, hittin' it raw, we might have a baby
I sell crack, you can claim the baby on your taxes
I'ma [?] on the mattress
Penny pincher trap n***a, girl, I ain't havin' it
I'ma tell her every day, "Girl, you the baddest"
She wanted some kisses, hit her with the tongue
She like, "Neph, don't be likin' them b*t*hes pitcures"
Girl, them b*t*hes ain't did sh*t for a n***a
I f**k wit' lil mama, she f**k wit' L Money
I f**k wit' lil mama, she cool with Pap
She know I be trappin', movin' with Pap
She know L Money booted in the back
I f**k wit' lil mama, she know I rob n***as
Never had a job, sold crack to n***as
Shoes on my feet came from crack dealin'
Shirt on my back came from trap dealin'
See, baby, they don't know where the f**k I came from
She know I rob everybody, she know— you know what I'm sayin'?
She know most of my life n***as don't even trust me
She know I— you know what I'm sayin'?
She know I can't really call on too many people
I be tellin' her all I got is her 'cause I f**ked a lotta—
I've lost a lotta good people in my life 'cause I prolly robbed 'em
You know what I'm sayin'? I prolly lost my temper, prolly—
Prolly beat 'em up, did some that they prolly that they don't–
They don't— they don't f**k wit' me no more
But they don't know I'm misunderstood, baby
It's not even like that, I came from the bottom
But I appreciate what I got now, I ain't tryna lose it
You know what I'm sayin'?

[Verse 2]
Yeah, [?] my shoes, walk in with my Timbs
Hit from the back, make her [?]
I say "cuz" all the time but I ain't really Crip
My brother right there, he really really Crip
Pole on my lap, that's how real it can get
Can't go back and forth with that silly a** sh*t
Can't go back to jail, can't live in that sh*t, yeah
She like, "Neph, I f**k wit' ya," don't lie
Excuse my language, b*t*h, but why lie?
You don't f**k with me, b*t*h, bye-bye
[?] did good job, high five
I ain't lyin' down, watchin' sci-fi, lifetime
Walk in that b*t*h like Barry White
She wanna strip, we gettin' married tonight