Boot Man
(Yeah, yeah)
(Ay, man, what up, man? [?])
([?], yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, Dawg Sh*t Records)

I got that Henny on me, bendin' corners, duckin' troopers
That b*t*h keep hollerin', if I keep trappin', I'ma lose her
I told her I appreciate it, I ain't gon' abuse you
Sh*t, all my opps cool wit' they fake jewlers
I could see outta peripheral, all the hate through 'em
Put a broke n***a in a spot, make a place for 'em
Super hero a** n***a, get a cake for 'em
First car that I buy in Cali', puttin' [?] on it
Spaceship sh*t, ay, ay, big spacers on 'em
Daddy on a jigaboo, daddy gettin' crazy on 'em
Lеt lil mama do her thang, I don't be hatin' on her
I rеally sold dope, for real, I ain't with the cappin', babe
You wanna go [?], we can go, baby
You know I f**k wit' you, we was sleepin' on the floor, baby
He ain't puttin' rentals in your name, show me the dough, baby
Put your lashes on, pack yourself a tote, baby
She like, "Neph, you need to stop smokin' Newports"
She like, "Who that area code callin'?" B*t*h, I'm [?]
Why you in yo feelin's, hoe? Why you doin' that?
Babygirl talkin' 'bout strippin' and I'm cool wit' that
You see this pew on my wha? Went to school wit' that
Up that mothaf**ka, go grr! Act a fool wit' that
Yeah, that new batch come in soon wit' that
Opps want me in a cell bad, eatin' tuna packs
She like, "Why you [?]"
Blame the pot for dat, b*t*h, I need a x-ray on my wrist
Fifty dollar jeans, hoe, I'm fresh as sh*t
I ain't in my mood if I ain't [?]
Yeah, somebody call the boot man
Different color wax bags like toucan
Bend that Eclipse in this b*t*h like a fruit stand
Turn that wax bag around, hit that b*t*h with two stamps