Ashes On Yo Couch
Huh? Huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah (Yuhh)
Uh, uh, yeah (Yeah yeah, yeah, uh, uh)

Rob me a rapper soon as I meet him
Step in that b*t*h, look like Jack Reacher
Trap got a camp in the back like FEMA
Cook up a deuce and then do a feature
Thirty-one goin' for twelve-fifty
Unk fell in love with these big a** fifties
Talk too much, n***a move like police
Auntie did a [?] and then she OD'd
[?] good if the lick don't die
Unk heart stopped and he came back alive
Slidin' with the Glock, Fetty Wap with the eye
Oh, my my - this dope fire
That b*t*h taste like Grandma's pies
That water right there got work inside
Back the f**k up, Slitherman got it
Unk standin' up, look like a dead body
Two-tone Glock, went and got me a pair
Money too short, you talkin' to the air
Walked down with the Glock in my white One Airs
Opp and the Glock havin' a love affair
Block jumpin', pulled up a chair
Auntie cool as f**k, pulled up a chair
Keep it to yourself, Big Neph don't care
This beat harder than any beat
This beat sound like Bossup on the drums
Beat sound like Auntie when the check come
This beat sound like Pharrell helped me
Beat sound like a Kim K selfie
Beat sound like Mike Will Made It
Zaytoven went to church, I'm from the street
Didn't need no help to make this beat
Make A$AP Rocky rap on this beat
Pull the f**k up, rob me a rapper
Charge you for a verse and a beat
I don't need a rapper to rap with me
I don't need a rapper to rap on this beat
I'ma loop this, 'cause this my beat
This beat hit harder than a DDT
Beat hit like a b*t*h with a PPP
Hit harder than a b*t*h with a STD
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Jay-Z rap on this beat? I'ma kill him
This beat for only cold-blooded killers
This a Lul Tim type beat
This is not a NBA Youngboy type beat
This a Newport 100 type beat
This a only-crank-to-eleven type beat
Nephew beat your a** type beat
Auntie got b*** naked type beat
Early morning gas station type beat
Wake up get your bags off type beat
Get up and cook a deuce type beat
This is not a Young Jeezy type beat
Beat sound like Project Pat made it
Beat sound like Pimp C 'bout to rap on it
This not a beat for Lil Wayne to get on it
This not a beat for Jadakiss to rap on it
This a Shawty Lo/Slim Dunkin type beat
This a Wayne Perry/El Chapo type beat
Beat sound like Little Debbie cooked it
Beat hit harder than Young Chop beats
B*t*h better not remix my beat
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Slitherman made it, not Dr. Dre
My girlfriend like robbin' n***as type beat
I will rob a rapper type beat
This a I-ain't-have-no-father type beat
This a backyard squabble type beat
Beat hit harder than Mexicans fighting
This a all-black Air Force One type beat
Collard green, pork chop, hashbrown beat
Beat hit like the Glock hit Megan's feet
Beat sound like the microwave made it
Beat sound like the powder plate made it
808s sound like Shawty Redd gave 'em to me
This is not a J Cole type beat
Beat sound like a b*t*h gettin' stabbed with a knife
This the best beat b*t*h heard in they life
This beat'll blow a b*t*h speakers out
This beat made Unk come back in shock
Get outta jail, do the same sh*t type beat
Slap a pu**y n***a type beat
This a Max B type beat
Rap on my beat how the f**k I want
This a diss your opp type beat
This a dreads everywhere type beat
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