Who Are They
[Intro] :
Man in the mirror, my worst enemy
[Verse] :
That dope can't cure nun
That man right there been through some sh*t, don't think he fear nun
Won't let the {?} space in my head take up my thought process
They act like this was overnight, this here was a slow process
Invested in myself
The plug tryna shave me on my grams, I had to chef myself
They doin' drugs cuz they ain't even got the courage to kill theyself
Imma brag about the steps I took cuz, n***a, I did it myself
They like when that merch comin', I'm like when the first comin'
I'm like, shut the f**k up, b*t*h, get off yo a** and work sumn
They gon make me hurt sumn, they ain't put in work or nun
Neph ain't got no entourage, pull up with that GRRRRT on me
Look in the mirror, see my enemy
I looked out for my auntie so damn much, she got them 'scripts for me
Them trips be back to back so much, know the trap missin me
I told my gramma the gifts I got for you can't find under no Christmas tree
I know my daughters can't get that time back, and that sh*t be f**kin with me
Nephew need a b*t*h [?] sumn that's how they want me to be
Step up in that b*t*h, I look like Two Tone Thuff Tony 3
Grind so much, they should put Neph in Pro Skater 3
Calm down, just have some patience
Broke n***as acting famous
Six hour drive, we made it
Ray Louis on the Ravens
I can't calm down soon
I'm here to talk bout me, ain't here to talk bout you
I got too much on my plate, and we ain't got extra food
Gotta move round that n***a if he don't know how to move
Don't make me act like a fool
No stove, I cook on a spoon
Calm down, the kids in the room
Rich look like Benjamin II
Big Neph invest in hisself
Money on my own head, and put a check on myself
Call it what you want, but this ain't luck, I did it myself
If they don't f**k with me. I burnt the bridges myself
Uh, yeah
Man in the mirror