Blackberry Touchscreen
This that sh*t you can’t download on yo iPhone
Break yo mothaf**kin’ shin
Tell that dirty a** n***a not to try it again
You old broke depressed a** n***a, go and jump off a bridge
You talkin’ bout a lick, you soundin like a compulsive liar
Trap what? Trap where? You a damn liar
You and ya whole gang should be called the pathological liars
They say I'm a psychic, I know that y'all n***as would tell
I ain’t sittin’ in no salon and I ain’t doing my nails
They like “How the f**k you fresh but still dirty as hell?”
Look like Dirty D with that mothaf**kin’ stick
I should let Slitherman get on this boom bap beat
Glock sound like a boom bap beat
What the f**k is a boom bap beat?
Glock sound like Slithery Conspiracy 3
Yeah – Yeah – This a million-man march beat
This a high cholesterol beat
This a clog your arteries up bеat
This a Newport 200 type beat
Thеy like “Neph, you really blackin’ on these beats
Yeah, you really blackin’ on these beats"
They ain’t no shooters, they ain’t even clappin’ cheeks
Homie ready to clap as we speak
It’s hard as f**k to catch this beat
I did 200 beat placements this month
I drunk a 100 f**kin’ fifths of Henny this month
I'm highly upset with Donald Trump
He got em talkin’ bout a fourth one – b*t*h, it ain't no fourth one
Better run when the torch come
Long line at the check cashing place
Trap look like Labor Ready, givin’ jobs every day
Brave n***as die every day
Last n***a I know named Brave Dave got killed
Brave n***as get killed – Yeah – Yeah – Yeah
Beat sound like I should’ve said nothing but “yeah”
B*t*h, you ain’t bad, you yeah
I ain’t got really nothin’ against you, but yeah
That’s not exactly no Za, but yeah
I really needed it when I robbed you, yeah
I need a gold medal for pointing the Glock
I need first place for beatin’ a b*t*h in the head with a Glock
I need a heavyweight championship belt for beatin’ the pot
This beat sound like a n***a made it with his mouth beatboxing
This beat sound like a n***a made this sh*t on his iPhone
Glock make a grown a** man look like he at SkyZone
Ruger put a grown a** man in a different time zone
Different layers on the cookie, the crack look like a calzone
Every time I go back to the plug, another thou’ gone
Yeah – I’m really blackin’ though – Yeah
This a Grandmaster Flash beat
This ol’ Ca**idy, Gillie da Kid, Philly beat
Ol’ dirty a** neck braid Meek Mill beat
This a dirty durag Memphis Bleek type beat
This a Fab, Beanie Sigel neck, Philly cheese type beat
They should’ve sent this beat to Reed Dollaz or somethin'
This ain't for RXK, this for Hitman Holla or somethin'
This ol’ battle rappin’ beat
This ol’ Loaded Lux a hunnid white tee type beat
This ol’ droopy lip a** Mysonne a** type beat
This beat sound like Dame Dash would’ve signed a n***a for rappin’ on it
This beat sound like Rick Ross'd sign you for cappin’ on it
This a beat that Jay-Z would’ve thought was hot
This a beat the labels would’ve invested in and made everybody flop
If I put this beat on my album, they ain’t even gon’ cop it
Ion give a f**k if you don’t buy my sh*t, I'ma keep on droppin’
This beat sound like a b*t*h grandaddy just died
This beat make me feel like I’m the last human on earth alive
Who the f**k sent me this beat? They dead wrong
They should’ve sent this beat to DJ Kay Slay and Cam’ron
They should’ve sent this sh*t to Papoose or one of them dumb n***as
They should’ve sent this beat to Ja Rule or Fat Joe to do a Verzuz
Can’t wait till this beat end, this sh*t got my ears hurtin’
This beat got me quittin’ beat placements for the day
Cause of this beat, this my last beat placement today